Brain Pop by Katie C.

Photo was taken by Katie C.

Brain Pop is a great place to go to learn. It has videos on a ton of things. Like videos that have to do with math, science, history and other topics. You can get an account on Brain pop and get lots of videos. Even if you don’t have an account, Brain Pop has free videos you can watch. With every video you watch you can take a quiz and see how much you learned. It could help you study for a test or quiz by watching the video that has to do with the topic of the quiz or test and then taking the quiz. Also it is fun to just go to Brain Pop and watch the daily videos. Brain Pop is a great way to learn and the videos are very interesting. I love Brain Pop.

Apps By Annie N

The apps I use everyday are Sketchbook Express, iHeart Radio, Media by Age, Pandora, Flashcards (where it looks like it is a pile of indexcards), Evernote, and Show me. I use Sketchbook Express for my planner. I use iHeart Radio and Pandora to listen to music. I also use Media by Age to find the ratings of movies and what they are about. Flashcards and Show me is where I study my vocabulary words. I use Evernote a lot because if I have to print a picture for class from the iPad I can’t so I put the picture into Evernote and log on by computer and print it. These are my favorite apps for the iPad


iPad App by Haley C

I think we should keep TED on the iPad. The reason is it’s really fun to use if you’re bored. It just has a lot of cool videos to watch. It is kind of like the news, but maybe a little more interesting. It shows a lot of people’s worldwide ideas, and it’s really cool.

My Favorite App by Conor Z

I like to use this app called Reminders. Reminders is a good app for many things, I use Reminders to write my homework down and to remember important notes my teachers give me. You can use this app for other things too like writing down a grocery list or writing an address. Reminders helps me a lot in my school life and a little outside of school. A tip for using Reminder is to divide your reminders into subjects. I really like reminders a lot.

Skitch By Tatum T.

We have many apps on our iPads! My favorite app is skitch. I like this app because it is very good to study on. I think the best thing to study with skitch is maps. I think this because you can use a color to mark of the name of the city or country and then you can guess what it is and erase the line that marked out the word. Also, on skitch you can type and draw. I really like using Skitch to study!




Fun App on the iPad by Matthew

On the iPad there are many fun things to do. The thing I am going to talk about is an app called Skitch. Skitch is an app that is also on the laptops and the other Apple computers. I use Skitch for drawing, especially for my history comic that I am doing. The book that I’m reading is called The Ghost of Tokaido Inn. I am using Skitch and Comic Life, the program Finn is using for Finnotopia, to do my history comic. I also draw basketball strategy on it. That is how I use skitch.

The iPads by Finn

I have learned a lot about iPads since the pilot started like how to use all the apps and the short cuts to different things. I like the iPads but I liked DA without the technology better. I like writing my homework down, reading books made out of paper (I don’t like reading on the iPads but reading on a Nook is fine!) and sometimes looking at the iPads for too long will make my eyes hurt! Ipads can be useful but I would rather just pull out the laptop cart and do it on that! I like technology but I don’t like using the iPads in the pilot program!

Sketchup by Gus

Sketchup is an architectural application that you can download for free from the internet. If you would like, you can spend the $500 on the sketchup pro, which I only suggest if you are an architect. In the plain sketchup, as of Sketchup 8, you can create just about any building you would like. You can use a circle, square, rectangle, or create your own shape. You can use a height tool to make a block.

At the start, you choose a template, and then you begin. You can choose from a plain architecture with feet and inches, or do another with meters. Once you begin, there will be a person, so that you can scale your creations. If you delete that person, you can just use the ruler tool to find out the dimensions. I won’t show you one of my creations, but below is a picture from flickrcc about a creation.


A house made with Google Sketchup

How to Use Comic Life 2 and Skitch (how to use them together) By Gus

I will be telling you how to make a comic on your computer. Yes, you heard me right. A comic made on YOUR computer.

1. Get the Apps; You can get Skitch for free of the App Store, whereas unfortunately Comic Life 2 Costs $29.99 (In dollars, for any foreigners who might be reading this).

2. Open Comic Life 2, and decline the updates and the email window.

3. Chose from a number of templates; once you open up your comic you can also chose the layout of the comic.

4. You can also choose a variety of comic bubbles, like the thought bubble and the angry bubble.

Let’s get to Skitch. Once you download and open Skitch, you will see two links. Push ‘Wipe’, which is on the bottom right of the screen. You can draw anything you want, like a circle, square, and you can choose from an almost infinite amount of colors. Once  you finish your drawing, you can drag it (there is a thing at the bottom of the screen that you can drag it from), after you save it, of course. Then open Comic Life 2 again (in the comic you already started, and you can drag the picture into the comic and voila. If you keep this up you will eventually have a full comic.