I Am Proud Of……. by Lana K.

I am proud of my soccer skills because I have the ability to play many different positions and be good at them. Also, I am proud of my soccer skills because I love to play at practices and games. I enjoy getting better each time I play. Another reason is because when I make mistakes I know that no one will remember it and that I can learn from them. I started playing soccer when I was seven years old and am glad that I did! I hope to play soccer throughout middle school and hopefully high school. Even if I do not keep playing soccer when I’m older it will always be a hobby of mine. I love soccer! 💚⚽💚⚽


How to Use Comic Life 2 and Skitch (how to use them together) By Gus

I will be telling you how to make a comic on your computer. Yes, you heard me right. A comic made on YOUR computer.

1. Get the Apps; You can get Skitch for free of the App Store, whereas unfortunately Comic Life 2 Costs $29.99 (In dollars, for any foreigners who might be reading this).

2. Open Comic Life 2, and decline the updates and the email window.

3. Chose from a number of templates; once you open up your comic you can also chose the layout of the comic.

4. You can also choose a variety of comic bubbles, like the thought bubble and the angry bubble.

Let’s get to Skitch. Once you download and open Skitch, you will see two links. Push ‘Wipe’, which is on the bottom right of the screen. You can draw anything you want, like a circle, square, and you can choose from an almost infinite amount of colors. Once  you finish your drawing, you can drag it (there is a thing at the bottom of the screen that you can drag it from), after you save it, of course. Then open Comic Life 2 again (in the comic you already started, and you can drag the picture into the comic and voila. If you keep this up you will eventually have a full comic.