My Favorite Stylus Conor Z

After trying all the different styluses my favorite by far is the Bamboo stylus. I would have liked the Cosmonaut if it was skinnier. I would like that better because the end is shaped more like the stylus so it is easier. I don’t like the Amazon stylus because it has an end that is round and squishy and that makes it harder to control. This leaves one pen, the Bamboo. This is the best for me because it has an end that is easy to control, it is thin like a pen, and it is light. The Bamboo stylus is my favorite stylus.



My Favorite App by Conor Z

I like to use this app called Reminders. Reminders is a good app for many things, I use Reminders to write my homework down and to remember important notes my teachers give me. You can use this app for other things too like writing down a grocery list or writing an address. Reminders helps me a lot in my school life and a little outside of school. A tip for using Reminder is to divide your reminders into subjects. I really like reminders a lot.

My Life Game By Conor Z.

Sims connects to my life because in Sims you have to make decisions. You have to lead your family of Sims the place to place to get a job, work out, steal something, see a friend, go swimming, and lots of other things. Sims connects to my life because of the decisions. For example, if you you go to work and work you hardest you get stressed but you get a raise or a promotion. If you play games for too long you get tired. If you let the hot dogs stay out before the party the other Sims get sick along with you. This is a game like my life because it is a life for the Sim. I feel this game represents everyones life.Sim on street

If I Was an Adult for a Day By Conor

I wake up and look at the ceiling. I stand up and my head hit the fan. I try to put my favorite clothes on but they are too small and they tear. I run to my parents room and they scream and ask me who I am. I tell them I am their son. My dad does not believe me and picks up his bat. I yell “No!”He stops and asks me some questions. I answer them and he believes me. He asks what happened. I tell him that I don’t know. He says he thinks I am an adult. I look in the mirror and I look like an adult.

Right then everything fades to a different scene. It looks big and bright colored. I realize that this is my adult life. I am not in my pajamas I am in a suit. I go around my house, my big mansion house, my house. I find a room with a lot of dogs in it. I go to the back of the house and I find a deck that over looks a beach. The house is on a cliff. Right then a man in a suit comes from behind me and says, “Master Zura is there anything you would like to drink?” I said, “Dr. Pepper.” The man took a cup out of a hidden wall door thing and put it on a machine. The machine sucked the cup up. The machine made some noises then shot the cup out. The man who I assume is my butler brings me the cup. He also gives me a TV remote. I look around and I have no TV. In fact I have no furniture. I look at my remote and it says couch. I click it and a couch comes out of the floor. I click TV room and the rest of the stuff in the room comes up. Awesome I think. “Butler,” I say. “Where is my garage?” He points to a door at the end of the dog room. I run to it petting dogs on the way. I get to the garage and there is nothing in it. I look at the remote and it says Porsche, Corvette, BMW, Ferrari, and a bunch of other cars. The one the catches my eye is Enterprise S116. I don’t know what that is but I click it. A giant disk rises from the ground. I step in it and the buttons say stuff like color all wheel drive front wheel drive. I look around it also says TV food and fly mode. I start the engine and fly up to look over the beach. I spend the rest of the day up their watching TV, eating and playing around. That was my day as an adult.modern house

2011 Year Review By Conor .Z


The thing that most stands out to me from the year 2011 is the so called “End Of the World”. I say that this is a very scary idea. I also say that it is not going to happen any time soon. Maybe if the war in Iraq starts up again and turns nuclear the world might end but there is probably no chance of that. That is what I think stood out in 2011 how people where saying the world would end next year.nuke

Collaborative Google Docs by Conor



Google Apps is a good way to write and talk with your friends on a private sight just for DA. You can create a story in Google Docs and write it yourself or you can share it. When you share your story you can edit with someone you invited to view and edit it. You can even change the owner. This is very helpful if you want to write a book with someone, talk with someone, or like me, make a movie script that you and your friends can be in. Now on Google Docs you can show a stream of comments or chat in the side bar. The side bar has been in Google Docs for a long time but now you can leave the story come back, and if one person is still on the comments will still be there. Google docs also has other types of folders. You can write a blank page or you can create a slide show. You can also make a folder for just one class, school, or home. I guarantee that Google Docs is the place for docs

My First Blog Post By Conor Z

baby on computer

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My First Blog Post

Today in LA we learned how to post blogs. It took me a long time to figure out what I was going to blog about. I then decided to blog about blogging. I have wanted to create my own web site for a while and I am happy to blog on this. I feel like it is the web site I have always wanted. The only thing is it is not mine. I am fine with that. Read more of the blog and enjoy.