If I Were a Grown Up by Shaylen





If I were a grown up for a day I would find a job in the morning, related to inventing something. Then I would make 75 billion dollars to be the richest man in the world because the richest is worth 74 Billion, Carlos Slim. In the afternoon, I would buy Bill Gates’s house. In the house I would have a private vault filled with money. Finally, at night I would go out to the streets giving 1 million dollars to the poor.

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If I Was an Adult for a Day By Conor

I wake up and look at the ceiling. I stand up and my head hit the fan. I try to put my favorite clothes on but they are too small and they tear. I run to my parents room and they scream and ask me who I am. I tell them I am their son. My dad does not believe me and picks up his bat. I yell “No!”He stops and asks me some questions. I answer them and he believes me. He asks what happened. I tell him that I don’t know. He says he thinks I am an adult. I look in the mirror and I look like an adult.

Right then everything fades to a different scene. It looks big and bright colored. I realize that this is my adult life. I am not in my pajamas I am in a suit. I go around my house, my big mansion house, my house. I find a room with a lot of dogs in it. I go to the back of the house and I find a deck that over looks a beach. The house is on a cliff. Right then a man in a suit comes from behind me and says, “Master Zura is there anything you would like to drink?” I said, “Dr. Pepper.” The man took a cup out of a hidden wall door thing and put it on a machine. The machine sucked the cup up. The machine made some noises then shot the cup out. The man who I assume is my butler brings me the cup. He also gives me a TV remote. I look around and I have no TV. In fact I have no furniture. I look at my remote and it says couch. I click it and a couch comes out of the floor. I click TV room and the rest of the stuff in the room comes up. Awesome I think. “Butler,” I say. “Where is my garage?” He points to a door at the end of the dog room. I run to it petting dogs on the way. I get to the garage and there is nothing in it. I look at the remote and it says Porsche, Corvette, BMW, Ferrari, and a bunch of other cars. The one the catches my eye is Enterprise S116. I don’t know what that is but I click it. A giant disk rises from the ground. I step in it and the buttons say stuff like color all wheel drive front wheel drive. I look around it also says TV food and fly mode. I start the engine and fly up to look over the beach. I spend the rest of the day up their watching TV, eating and playing around. That was my day as an adult.modern house