Highlight of Sixth Grade By Shaylen A.


In 6th grade I have some major fun highlights, but if I had to pick one it will Camp Cheerio because it was a social time, a play time and much more. Also, the food was not bad I have to say. My favorite part of this camp was the canoeing even though it rained and we didn’t have much time. I was steering the boat and my friend Neil was powering it. I had a whole lot of fun and I will remember this camp for a while.

My iPad Experience By Shaylen A.

This is awesome! We are the first people to use the iPads at Durham Academy. Although there are some classes that we don’t use them in, I’m going to list the classes we do use them in. For example, we use them so much in Language Arts for projects etc. When doing our projects we use Skitch, Pages, Keynote, Evernote, Google Drive etc. We also copy our homework down in Reminders. Another class we use them in is Spanish. We use Evernote, Translator, and Reminders. I have enjoyed the iPads and am looking forward to them next year.


My Membean Experience By Shaylen A.




In the 6th grade Language Arts class we have been doing a vocabulary system called Membean. It is based on SAT words. We use this and vocabulary tests that our teacher gives us. I am not personally a fan of Membean because it makes the learning of it more boring. For example, you have to go over and over a word and it will never stop. I feel that you should take it on the Membean quiz and if you get it wrong there then it makes you go over it. So what I’m saying is I like vocabulary lists over Membean.


Hero Project by Shaylen A.

Photo taken by Mrs. D

The whole sixth grade made hero books.  We had to choose someone who we were influenced by and interview them. I chose my dad. Also, we had to choose three words that our hero represents. I chose hardworking, responsible, and helpful. We had to make books that were made out of paper, glue, stamped paper, cut paper, and some scissors were involved. After we finished everyone had to write a story and include the three words with examples. Also, we had to put the hero’s childhood in the story and I chose to put my dad’s hobbies. That was the process of making the hero books.

There were some parts of making the books I didn’t like and some parts I really liked. For example, when making the book it took a lot of glue and I hated getting my fingers sticky. Also, all of the paint would go everywhere. I liked interviewing to get information about my dad. One more thing was I really enjoyed the artwork even though I got dirty and I liked the way my book turned out.

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Lady Or The Tiger by Shaylen A.

My heart pounded with nervousness. I knew I did wrong. It was time for the trial. The King released me from the prison and into the amphitheater. There was a door with a beautiful princess behind it and a door with a fierce tiger! I had no idea which door to choose. If I chose the tiger I would be guilty and eaten to death. If I chose the princess I would have a wonderful wedding and be free. I could smell the tiger but I DIDN’T know which door to go through because the scent was not picking up.

I gallantly walked to the door on my right hoping it was the princess. BEHOLD! IT WAS THE TIGER! I could see the tiger in the dark. All I saw was orange and black. Suddenly, I heard this big roar! I tried running for my life, but I could not find a way out. The king caught me. Before I entered with the tiger I thought about if I chose the left door how my life would change by having to be free, and having a wonderful royal wife. Suddenly, I was dragged in the cage. I couldn’t distract the tiger because the cage was locked very tight. I’m dead.


Talk To Your Teen By: Shaylen

In the book Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce, there is a character named Liam. He’s the main character. People thinks he’s so much older then he is because he’s tall. So, he acts like a dad and started readying a book called Talk to Your Teen. Some advice if I were a dad would be teach your kids to have limits, like a certain amount of screen time. I think this is important because a kid should do his or her priorities first before any screen time. Also, I think it’s important because it can damage your eyes.

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If I Were a Grown Up by Shaylen





If I were a grown up for a day I would find a job in the morning, related to inventing something. Then I would make 75 billion dollars to be the richest man in the world because the richest is worth 74 Billion, Carlos Slim. In the afternoon, I would buy Bill Gates’s house. In the house I would have a private vault filled with money. Finally, at night I would go out to the streets giving 1 million dollars to the poor.

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Book I Like By Shaylen A.

Picture taken by Shaylen

Have you ever wondered why people like the book that they are reading? Well I’ll tell you why I like the book “39 Clues.” I am not the best reader, but I like books with mysterious titles and books that have a familiar author. I like the author Rick Riordan. There is one thing that I look at, the summary about the book. It has to follow those three rules for me if I choose it, or if a friend tells me I may look at it.

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Comic Life By Shaylen A.

In our Language Arts class we chose too make a comic in a wisdom tale so I chose The Talkative Turtle. I really enjoyed this project because it was cool to comprehend a project in a comic. Also, saying the story in a comic. I had a hard time drawing the pictures on my iPad because I don’t have the smallest fingers, as you can imagine it’s hard to get the right things when drawing. My favorite part of this project is creating it.

This story is about a turtle who would talk so much. The turtle wanted to take a little trip so the geese asked him how. The turtle said, “By both of you geese holding a stick on each end then I will use my mouth to grip it.” The geese thought he would fall because he talks so much. So they did it. Then the kids said, “Great idea Geese!” and the turtle got mad because it was his idea. Then he fell! This moral of this story is “Don’t be vain.”

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Wisdom Tale The Pitiful Mouse by Shaylen

The Pitiful Mouse

There was once a 13-year-old mouse who enjoyed playing with all of his friends. The mouse’s parents had to find a better home away from the cats. They wanted a better home because they were worried about their son. Every time he would go out to play with his friends the cat would chase him and his friends. The parents did not know if the cat was trying to eat their son or play with him.

One night the 13-year-old mouse went to meet his friends. He saw the cat. The mouse panicked and had no idea what to do. His friend saw the cat and tried to ask the cat, “Why do you always try to hurt us?”

“The cat responded, “I don’t. I just don’t have many friends and I thought we could be friends.”

 The next day the mouse talked to his mom about the cat. She thought about it and said, “Try to talk to the cat a little more so me and your dad can see what’s up.”

So the mouse listened and went to the cat and tried to talk. The cat said the same thing about him not having many friends. So the mouse went home and said, “We don’t need to move, the cat just wants some friends.”

From then on the mouse and cat became best friends. They now play everyday together.

The moral of the story is: Don’t judge a book by its cover.