My Hero by Nathan G.






Our latest project in Language Arts was to make a pop-out book about a person that you know well and has influenced your life; your hero. My hero is my uncle Daniel, who taught me many things including surfing!

Late last year he had pain in his lower back which they thought had to do with his spine and playing sports. They found out the real cause when they took an MRI. They found a tumor in his back. The type of cancer was similar to Lance Armstrong’s. This came as a shock to me and all of our family because he was a healthy guy in great shape! My story was mainly on how he fought through cancer. Because of all of it being tied to my uncle’s life and cancer it was very emotional for me. A few days after I completed the project we received news that Daniel was cancer free after many weeks of chemotherapy and then surgery!

A big part of the project was making an art scene of your hero by cutting and pasting paper with the help of Peg Gignoux, a well-known artist. My scene showed my uncle and me surfing. For the first year ever these books are on display at the Frank Gallery until April 6th! When I walked into the gallery I was amazed to find all the different stories and great works of art! My uncle hasn’t seen the book yet because he lives in Morehead City so I can’t wait to show him!

Hero Project by Shaylen A.

Photo taken by Mrs. D

The whole sixth grade made hero books.  We had to choose someone who we were influenced by and interview them. I chose my dad. Also, we had to choose three words that our hero represents. I chose hardworking, responsible, and helpful. We had to make books that were made out of paper, glue, stamped paper, cut paper, and some scissors were involved. After we finished everyone had to write a story and include the three words with examples. Also, we had to put the hero’s childhood in the story and I chose to put my dad’s hobbies. That was the process of making the hero books.

There were some parts of making the books I didn’t like and some parts I really liked. For example, when making the book it took a lot of glue and I hated getting my fingers sticky. Also, all of the paint would go everywhere. I liked interviewing to get information about my dad. One more thing was I really enjoyed the artwork even though I got dirty and I liked the way my book turned out.

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