If I Were a Grown Up for a Day. . . By Miriam D.

Photo from Flickr CC: http://www.flickr.com/photos/12184741@N00/3439636923

If I were a grown up for a day, I would be living in Hawaii. I would start off in the morning by waking up, reading and eating breakfast. Then my friend Kay, who also lives in Hawaii, and I would go swimming for hours in the perfectly blue water. We would swim past coral reefs and see the most amazing fish. We would go out even deeper and swim with dolphins. After hours of swimming, we would go into the rain forests and walk. We would see the prettiest flowers and trees. We would walk until we found an awesome lagoon. There, we would swim some more (swimming is the only thing that keeps her hair from being REALLY frizzy) And we would watch to see all the amazing birds and animals. At night, we would camp in the forests and eat as many s’mores as we could hold. I would not waste a second of it!

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What I Would Do If I Were A Grown Up by Batu

Photo from http://www.flickr.com/photos/mr_o/2042764768/lightbox/

One day I wake up and see that I am six foot ten. The first thing I would do is go to the Apple store and get myself an iPhone 5. Then I get my drivers license. I go to San Francisco in first class in the most luxurious airplane company and meet the Mythbusters in person. This is what I would do if I was an adult.

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If I Were a Grown Up by Shaylen





If I were a grown up for a day I would find a job in the morning, related to inventing something. Then I would make 75 billion dollars to be the richest man in the world because the richest is worth 74 Billion, Carlos Slim. In the afternoon, I would buy Bill Gates’s house. In the house I would have a private vault filled with money. Finally, at night I would go out to the streets giving 1 million dollars to the poor.

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If I Were A Grown-Up By Davi


http://flickrcc.bluemountains.net/flickrCC/?terms=eiffel+tower&edit=yes&page=1, http://flickrcc.bluemountains.net/flickrCC/?terms=easter+island&edit=yes&page=1, http://flickrcc.bluemountains.net/flickrCC/?terms=great+wall+of+china&edit=yes&page=1

If I were a grown-up, I would take advantage of the things that grown-ups can do, that kids can’t. I would first take a road trip across the country, just because I can. I would then meet up with my friends, both from North Carolina and from Minnesota, and take trips around the world, seeing different world monuments like the Eiffel Tower, the Easter Island Moai, or the Great Wall of China. Then I finish my trip around the world, I would return home to visit my old home in Minnesota, then return home to North Carolina. I would have dinner at a burger place, then go for frozen yogurt. And that’s what my life as a grownup would be. Of course there would be more to it, but this is only a short example, because there is not enough room on the blog for the whole story.

If I Were A Grown Up…. By: Ellie





I would wake up, in the morning and eat breakfast. Most likely it would be pancakes or waffles. Then I would go to the beach from my beach house on Bald Head Island. I would walk along the beach and see the dolphins playing in the ocean. Then I would sit on the beach. Then I would go to work (at home). Like a normal person, I would work until dinner, then I would check the weather because of it is rainy, I have to pull the golf cart into the mini-garage.

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A Day As a Grown-up by Sylvia

If I were a grown-up for a day I would sleep until ten and live by my own rules in my own house. Drive around in my convertible with my friends and just see how far it takes us. I’d travel to places the world craves to see, dance around and party at one in the morning without any worry about not getting enough sleep. I could be doing what I want 24/7 with no one to stop me but then work hard and earn a fortune. I would be out living the life. But the only problem with being a grown-up is that you wish you were a kid again.


Grown Ups by Franny







Photo by Franny

If I were a grown up, I would start a fun job like teaching and then I would get a nice cozy house in a nice cozy neighborhood where there are a lot of kids and everyone knows everyone. I wouldn’t have much money but I would get enough to live a comfortable and healthy life. I would have a cute little car and my house would have a nice garden outside. As soon as I got enough money, I would get a dog who would be my constant companion and would go everywhere with me. Maybe later, I would get another dog. We would walk to the park every day and throw the frisbee or tennis ball. The garden would be on eather side of a nice path to the door and in front, I would have a big fenced in yard. I would live somewhere pretty with lots of forests and fields. Maybe it will be near the beach. I would have many friends that were in my neighborhood and we would always go to each others houses. I may have a family later. I think being a grown up for a while would be cool and fun!

If I Were A Grown Up By David

Photo Drawn By Me!

If I were a grown up, I would be a software engineer. I would design apps for mobile devices and computers. I have already designed a game (In real life) and I would most likely be drawn to game design. I think that I can sort of understand what draws a teenager to a game, such as excitement or action. Some applications I might design are things like Google Maps, but that have live satellite feed from anywhere. I might also be a risk management analyst, since I love math, algorithms, the stock market and currency, and risk. I would teach kids how to program and design apps and games.

In all, being a grown-up would be rather math-centric.

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If I Were a Grown Up by Anna W.

Photo created by Anna W.

I would love to experience a day of being a grown up but I would definitely want to live my childhood as long as I can. If I was a grown up I would do many things I can’t do now. I would love not having a bed time because I am never tired when I go to bed, but when I wake up I am tired. Another thing I would enjoy would be not having to go to school every day. Although I love school, sometimes I just wake up and don’t want to go at all. Then I would go on vacation as much as I could.

I love going to tropical places like beaches and islands! Also, I want to go to Paris. I think it would be really exciting to drive because I love shopping and I would be able to go wherever I want whenever I want. One thing that would be cool would to live in some place very beautiful and exotic like in the mountains or Hawaii. Another thing I would do would be to collect and wear makeup a lot. Lastly, I would own a variety of pets such as dogs, bunnies, hamsters, and many more. I have always wanted a parrot that would repeat what you say! So hopefully I could own one of those. It would be a fun experience being an adult but I would not want to stay an adult forever!

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If I Was A Grown-up For A Day By Joanna

Created by Joanna

If I was a grown-up for a day, I would go to Starbucks and get coffee. Then I would remember that I don’t like coffee and get hot chocolate or tea instead. Then I would think of something to do rather than go to school because I don’t think that 6th grade is for adults.

Then the fact that I have unlimited money pops into my head and I go buy a bunch of awesome furniture for the piece of land I am going to buy, then go to the real estate people to buy a large beach house in the Bahamas. Then I get 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollars and give it to charity. Then I buy an iPad and an iPhone and give Apple a bunch of money so that when all of my money disappears mysteriously, my phone bills will be paid for the rest of my life. Then I buy a gazillion games on them and buy a bunch of in-game stuff and then wonder what to do next.

I would go to Starbucks and get another hot chocolate and browse the books in Barnes and Noble. Then I would decide that browsing books in Barnes and Noble is useless because there is so many books. I would just ask for one copy of every book to be shipped to the my new beach house. I go back to the Starbucks and sit there for five minutes, then buy a LOT of stocks in Apple and McDonalds. Then I create a bank account and ask them to put LOTS of money in it from the mysterious source of all of the money that I mysteriously have acquired. Then the day would be over and I would go to sleep in the king size bed with the really comfy mattress and the warmer on. Then, in the morning I would see that I am a kid again and check my bank account. I am a gazillionaire!

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