A Memory I Would Give Away By Nathan G.

In “The Giver”, Jonas receives a bunch of memories that have been passed down from generation to generation. The first memory he received was of going down a snowy hill on a sled. If I had to give away memories I would first give away a memory of surfing. It would start with paddling to catch a good sized wave on a really pretty day in Atlantic beach. Then they would catch the wave and feel the rush of accelerating fast towards the sun baked beach. Next would come getting up by griping the rails and using strength to pull their feet under them. Then the most exhilarating part would come! Actually surfing! There is no feeling like it. The wax under your feet, the sun on your back, the water racing under you. I might even give them a trick or two! Maybe a snap of the lip. Finally, jumping of would come. I hope I don’t accidentally give them the memory of when I sprained my ankle jumping of in Florida!! Then they really might apply for release!

Memory by: Lucy W.

Photo Drawn by Me

In Language Arts class we are reading the book “The Giver.” In this book Jonas a young boy lives in a perfect community, no pain, no war and no choices. Though, Jonas has been chosen to be the new Receiver, who is a person who receives all memories from the past, including pain, war, feelings and happiness. The current Receiver trains Jonas by transmitting memories to him of the past. Jonas has to experience everything that the Giver had which includes lots of pain.

If I were the Receiver, the first memory I would give away would be the beach. The beach is very peaceful, comforting, and relaxing. It would be a good memory where Jonas would experience warmth and comfort. He would see the seagulls flying above him looking for food, and he would see the shells all different shapes and sizes. He would hear the ocean and the children laughing while playing in the water. He would feel the sand beneath him, warm and soft. He would be happy, lying their the sun beaming down on him, it would be his happy place to go to when he was in pain, or needed to get away. It would be a pleasant, perfect memory to give away.


My First Memory I Would Give by Katie

Photo draw by Katie using Doodle Buddy.

In Language Arts class we are reading The Giver. The Giver gave Jonas the memory of snow and sledding. If I was the Giver, the memory I would give would be a memory that shows calmness and peacefulness. The memory would take place on the ocean in a sail boat. You would be riding along on the boat listening to the birds chirping and the waves crashing on the beach. You would look around, but only see the beach and water around you. You would relax. Let your mind relax and forget about all your troubles. Then just before it ends, the sun starts to set and you end it with seeing the pretty sunset while in the boat. That is the first memory I would give.


This Picture By Nathan G.

Photo by Me

Whenever I look at this photo that I took on the south beach of Bald Head Island I am in my own world. It calms me in seconds even when I am amped up! I can feel the cool ocean breeze and the sound of waves smacking against the shore in a rhythm. I remember this exact moment when I took this and I thought, “This is MY picture!” It explains my life. The grass swaying in the wind are my friends and family rooted to me but will sway to the world. The waves crashing in the background are the rough times but eventually will be smooth and calm. The sand is what the rough times make stronger and is what the grass is anchored to. The sand is me. Many things that make a whole. Please comment what happens to you when you look at it or what you see in this photo!

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If I Were A Grown Up…. By: Ellie





I would wake up, in the morning and eat breakfast. Most likely it would be pancakes or waffles. Then I would go to the beach from my beach house on Bald Head Island. I would walk along the beach and see the dolphins playing in the ocean. Then I would sit on the beach. Then I would go to work (at home). Like a normal person, I would work until dinner, then I would check the weather because of it is rainy, I have to pull the golf cart into the mini-garage.

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The Giver Memory By Tatum T.

The Beach

From FlicrCC

In Language Arts class we are reading The Giver. In the Giver the main character, Jonas, can receive memories. If I could give Jonas one memory it would be the memory of the beach. With the warm sand on your feet, the sunshine down on your face, and the water splashing your feet. Also, I love building sandcastles with my friends and family. I could not imagine life with out going to the beach!