A Memory I Would Give Away By Nathan G.

In “The Giver”, Jonas receives a bunch of memories that have been passed down from generation to generation. The first memory he received was of going down a snowy hill on a sled. If I had to give away memories I would first give away a memory of surfing. It would start with paddling to catch a good sized wave on a really pretty day in Atlantic beach. Then they would catch the wave and feel the rush of accelerating fast towards the sun baked beach. Next would come getting up by griping the rails and using strength to pull their feet under them. Then the most exhilarating part would come! Actually surfing! There is no feeling like it. The wax under your feet, the sun on your back, the water racing under you. I might even give them a trick or two! Maybe a snap of the lip. Finally, jumping of would come. I hope I don’t accidentally give them the memory of when I sprained my ankle jumping of in Florida!! Then they really might apply for release!

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