Sixth Grade by Tatum

We are finishing up our sixth grade year!:) Sixth grade has been an exciting year! I learned many things this year! I mainly learned how to study for tests. I think that fith graders can look forward to the wonderful events we have, the amazing teachers, and learning new things. I especially liked field day this year because it was our last field day, but I am very excited for sports next year. Sixth grade has been a very fun year!!!!


Stylus By Tatum T.

After I tried the Bamboo, Amazon Basic, and Cosmonaut Stylus I like the Amazon Basic. First of all it is small enough to fit inside the case so you will not misplace it. Also, the tip does not make it hard to write like some of the other stylus. My last reason is that it feels like a pencil in my hand so it is easier to write with! The only thing I do not like about any of the stylus is tap typing I think it is harder with the stylus than it is with your fingers.


Skitch By Tatum T.

We have many apps on our iPads! My favorite app is skitch. I like this app because it is very good to study on. I think the best thing to study with skitch is maps. I think this because you can use a color to mark of the name of the city or country and then you can guess what it is and erase the line that marked out the word. Also, on skitch you can type and draw. I really like using Skitch to study!




The Giver Memory By Tatum T.

The Beach

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In Language Arts class we are reading The Giver. In the Giver the main character, Jonas, can receive memories. If I could give Jonas one memory it would be the memory of the beach. With the warm sand on your feet, the sunshine down on your face, and the water splashing your feet. Also, I love building sandcastles with my friends and family. I could not imagine life with out going to the beach!

The Giver Tatum T.

In Language Arts class we are reading The Giver. In The Giver each person has an assignment, which is like a job. At twelve years old they assigned their assignment. I think I would be a Pilot because I like to travel. Also, my cousin is a pilot and it interests me very much!



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Blink By Tatum


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I think that my life is like the game Blink because so many things happen so quickly. In the game Blink you have to match one of your cards with the card on top of the deck, very fast! Like, every week I have a different test every day. That I don’t even have time to study for some of them. Sometimes I will “freeze up” and not what to do. Overall I like my life being like this because it always gives me something to do!

Cosmic By Tatum


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If I woke up one morning and I was an adult, first of all, I would be kinda scared. It would be very scary to wake up one morning and be an adult. Well, first of all I would sleep in because I wouldn’t have to go to school. After I woke up I would see if any of my friends were adults also. If my friends were adults also I would call them and ask them if we could hang out. After that I would get in the car… and realize I don’t know how to drive! I might have my driver license but, I have no idea how to drive. After a while I finally figured out how to turn on the car and kinda get out of the garage but driving on a real road with real cars is a whole different story. So, I decided to try driving in my neighborhood… it wasn’t that hard I got the hang of it pretty easily. Well after I figured out how to drive it was about 6p.m. So I drove to meet my friends at Maggiano’s. Then I went home and went to sleep, when I woke up… I was 12 again.

Wisdom Tales Human Slide Show By Tatum

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

Over the past weeks we have been reading the book Wisdom Tales. It is a book filled with interesting stories that each have a moral. After each story we would summarize it and tell the moral. Once we finished the book we did a human slide show acting out one of the stories. My group and I did the story called Feathers. Feathers was about someone who started a rumor. Then the king gave her a pillow and let all the feathers out of it. Then she had to get the feathers but she couldn’t get the feathers. The moral is that you cannot take back the feathers, like you cannot take back your words.

2011 Past and Present Tatum T.

Steve Jobs

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This year, 2011, was a very interesting year. Between Steve Jobs dying, The Royal Wedding, and Justin Bieber, but in my personal life my great grandmother turned 91. Just the other weekend we went and celebrated her birthday and all of my family was there. My aunt made a video of all of her pictures. It was great to see all my family before Christmas

In 2012 I am excited to see what new and different things will happen. I hope they find a cure for cancer and the war will be done for good and no more are started. I hope that there are less bad things that happen because so many happened this year. I also hope that 2012 is filled with fun times and great memories!