Stylus By Tatum T.

After I tried the Bamboo, Amazon Basic, and Cosmonaut Stylus I like the Amazon Basic. First of all it is small enough to fit inside the case so you will not misplace it. Also, the tip does not make it hard to write like some of the other stylus. My last reason is that it feels like a pencil in my hand so it is easier to write with! The only thing I do not like about any of the stylus is tap typing I think it is harder with the stylus than it is with your fingers.


Stylus for iPad by: Emma E.

Today in Language Arts class we were able to try out three styluses for the iPad. The three we got to use and try out were: the Bamboo, Amazon Basic, and the Cosmonaut. The Bamboo was the skinniest and was the easiest to use. I think that this stylus would be the easiest to use, and fit inside your iPad. The Amazon Basic was nice too, but it felt like the tip could break easier than the others. The last one, the Cosmonaut, was the fattest, but it was fun to use. The only problem was that it did not fit inside the iPad. In the end the Bamboo stylus was my favorite, and felt the easiest to use.