Stylus for iPad by: Emma E.

Today in Language Arts class we were able to try out three styluses for the iPad. The three we got to use and try out were: the Bamboo, Amazon Basic, and the Cosmonaut. The Bamboo was the skinniest and was the easiest to use. I think that this stylus would be the easiest to use, and fit inside your iPad. The Amazon Basic was nice too, but it felt like the tip could break easier than the others. The last one, the Cosmonaut, was the fattest, but it was fun to use. The only problem was that it did not fit inside the iPad. In the end the Bamboo stylus was my favorite, and felt the easiest to use.


Apps on the IPad By: Emma E.

On the iPad some of my favorite apps on the iPad are iStudiez Pro, SketchBook X, Penultimate, Evernote and Paperport Notes. SketchBook X, I think is handy because you can use it as a whiteboard or a sketch book. I sometimes use it when I am studying, because you can write the word and then write the definition. I love iStudiez Pro and Evernote, because IStudiez Pro is used for me as an assignment notebook. I use Evernote for sharing my creative thinking. Penultimate and Paperport Notes, I like to use for note taking. When you use Penultimate you can draw or write on the paper. Find it handy for math, because it’s easier to write an equation and homework. I use Paperport Notes for either writing notes or homework. The thing I like most about this app is you can organize each class into different sections. In general, these are my favorite apps, because these apps help me organize better.


My Giver Assignment by: Emma E.

For my Giver assignment I think I would be the Nurturer, because I love babies. I have a little sister at home so I know how to take care of babies. I think they are so cute, and I would have to spend every second with the babies, because they are so adorable. That’s why I think I would be given the assignment of the Nurturer.


iPad by Emma

We got our iPads in February, and I really like having it with me during school. I find it most handy for notes. Instead of using my paper planner, it’s sometimes easier to use an app on the iPad, it’s called iStudiez Pro. It allows me to use it as a planner and really helps. I can put all of my subjects in the app and add homework to each of the classes. I can also allow iStudiez Pro to notify me when my next class is or when my homework is due. Sometimes I like to use the camera to take a picture of the board, if given permission by a teacher, to have the notes they wrote in class on one of my note apps. Overall, I really like being able to have the privilege to carry around an iPad and use it in daily school use.



Poem by Emma E

In Language Arts class we created a poem out of newspaper for Valentines Day. I think they turned out really well. I made it out of newspaper, glue, construction paper, and crayons. It’s really simple to make, all you have to do is find any article in the newspaper or even a book. Then you box words that you think sound fun or right to use. When you finish boxing the words you can mark out all of the other words you didn’t use with crayons. In the end it looks really nice and makes a good Valentines Day card!

Poem by Emma

Poem by Emma

Family Game by Emma E

Whenever my family gets together we play Monopoly or people in my family play Words With Friends. At first Monopoly can be fun, but then after awhile it can also get pretty boring, mainly because I always beat my family, or they go bankrupt. Some people in my family are also obsessed with Words With Friends. Even though I don’t like it very much. Sometimes my parents are so obsessed they play Word With Friends while also playing Monopoly.

Monopoly Game Board

If I Woke Up An Adult by Emma E

If I woke up an adult I would be 23 and already have finished college. I would have a day off to spend time with all my family members. My little sister and I would go to the bank and get a lot of money to go shopping. I would get shoes, purses, clothes, and lots of accessories. We would then spend the rest of the morning shopping. After that I would get my private jet and we would go to Maui to relax the whole day. We would go to the beach in Maui and sit in the sun and relax some more. After we finished our tan, we would then go shopping, again! We would have home. At the end of the day my sister and I would invite all of my family members to a fancy restaurant, for a lovely dinner. It would be the perfect day! I would fall back to sleep, and the next morning I would do it all again!

good buy bag

My Book by Emma E

Right now I’m reading “Murdered My Sweet” By Joan Lowery Nixon. It’s about a girl named Jenny and her mom, who are distant relatives with a very rich man who owns the biggest chocolate company in the country. His name is Arnold Harmany. Before he dies he wants to read his new changed will in front of all is family members and coworkers at his birthday party. Right after everyone eats Porter Harmany, Arnold’s step-son, gets murdered.


2011 Reflection by Emma E.

This past year has been a whirlwind! One things that stood out for me was the troops coming home from Iraq. It’s amazing to know how many people are risking their lives to save our country. My favorite part is when troops come home and surprise their family members. Their are so many military families and I know they were all happy to have the person they love so dearly to be back home with them. Thank you to all the people who were in Iraq that are now back home.