If I Was A Grown-up For A Day By Joanna

Created by Joanna

If I was a grown-up for a day, I would go to Starbucks and get coffee. Then I would remember that I don’t like coffee and get hot chocolate or tea instead. Then I would think of something to do rather than go to school because I don’t think that 6th grade is for adults.

Then the fact that I have unlimited money pops into my head and I go buy a bunch of awesome furniture for the piece of land I am going to buy, then go to the real estate people to buy a large beach house in the Bahamas. Then I get 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollars and give it to charity. Then I buy an iPad and an iPhone and give Apple a bunch of money so that when all of my money disappears mysteriously, my phone bills will be paid for the rest of my life. Then I buy a gazillion games on them and buy a bunch of in-game stuff and then wonder what to do next.

I would go to Starbucks and get another hot chocolate and browse the books in Barnes and Noble. Then I would decide that browsing books in Barnes and Noble is useless because there is so many books. I would just ask for one copy of every book to be shipped to the my new beach house. I go back to the Starbucks and sit there for five minutes, then buy a LOT of stocks in Apple and McDonalds. Then I create a bank account and ask them to put LOTS of money in it from the mysterious source of all of the money that I mysteriously have acquired. Then the day would be over and I would go to sleep in the king size bed with the really comfy mattress and the warmer on. Then, in the morning I would see that I am a kid again and check my bank account. I am a gazillionaire!

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4 thoughts on “If I Was A Grown-up For A Day By Joanna

  1. Thanks, Katie! your day sounds good too. I forgot to add in that I would buy five plus puppies and pay to have them professionally trained for a year. I like dogs a lot. Do you?

  2. Just looking through random blog posts and I see yours with that gigantic number on it. On my screen the last three digest go into Michael J.’s name.

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