Lady or the Tiger? by Michiko

Which one should I do, I thought. She told me to go to the right. What if the tiger was in the door to the right? I could try to fight it, but I may still die. If a lady is in the door, I will be forced to marry her and maybe never get to see the princess again. I looked up giving her a thankful look, but to my surprise she was gone. What if she didn’t want to see me die because the tiger was behind the door? What if she left because she was too sad to see me marry the lady?

Suddenly, my mind realized that she wanted me to go to the door on the right, so if I died or married someone else and never got to see her again she would know that I made that choice because of her. I started to move to the right. Legs shaking, hands swinging, I walked quickly to the door on the right. I reached out to the door. He giant door handle was very cold. One more time I looked back up and she was back. I shut my eyes and pulled the door open.

I saw the princess, who looked just like a poor lady, a difference only I would notice. I looked around for the other lady but I did not see her. The princess whispered to me that the lady had taken her seat next to the king, and after the princess and I were married she would will get it back. I happily smiled. At once we were married.


The Lady Or The Tiger by Davi


I thought about the decision I had made. My lover looked so desperate, silently asking me; Which door? Which door? I pointed to the door on the right. The door that held a fearsome tiger. I felt like a monster, leading my love to a gruesome death, instead of giving him a happy life with a woman who is not me. I could almost smell the raw meat, hear the flesh being ripped apart, and my lover screaming. Oh the screaming, I thought. Those gut-wrenching screams. I could barely stand the thought of those screams. I laid my head down on my arm, closed my eyes, and prepared for the horror yet to come.


As the princess cautiously pointed to the door on the right, the first thought that popped into my head was: Is that the door with the lady? I scolded myself for thinking such a thought. The princess wouldn’t let me die. I confidently sauntered over to the door on the right. I grabbed the handle, then yanked open the door. As soon the door opened I heard a fearsome roar. I instinctively jumped up as a blur of black and orange barreled out of the door like a shot from a cannon. My hand found the knife in my sleeve and pulled it out, fast as lightning. The whole coliseum gasped as they saw the fifteen centimeter blade. By now the tiger had spun around and was prowling around me. It lunged for a second time, and I ducked. The tiger smacked into the door and fell to the ground. the tiger got up, its eyes rubies, its teeth bared in a formidable snarl. The tiger lunged for a third time, and I didn’t duck. I don’t really know what happened next. It was all a blur. All I know is that I heard a sickening thwack as my knife cut into the tiger’s neck and cut its head clean off.


Thwack. That was the only sound I heard. Then no more. I could barely look up, fearing what I would see. I looked up and saw my lover. Still alive and with the tiger dead at his feet. In his hand was a long curved knife. The murderous look on his fae said one thing. I hate you.

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Lady Or The Tiger by Shaylen A.

My heart pounded with nervousness. I knew I did wrong. It was time for the trial. The King released me from the prison and into the amphitheater. There was a door with a beautiful princess behind it and a door with a fierce tiger! I had no idea which door to choose. If I chose the tiger I would be guilty and eaten to death. If I chose the princess I would have a wonderful wedding and be free. I could smell the tiger but I DIDN’T know which door to go through because the scent was not picking up.

I gallantly walked to the door on my right hoping it was the princess. BEHOLD! IT WAS THE TIGER! I could see the tiger in the dark. All I saw was orange and black. Suddenly, I heard this big roar! I tried running for my life, but I could not find a way out. The king caught me. Before I entered with the tiger I thought about if I chose the left door how my life would change by having to be free, and having a wonderful royal wife. Suddenly, I was dragged in the cage. I couldn’t distract the tiger because the cage was locked very tight. I’m dead.


Lady or the Tiger by Jenny

Photo by Jenny

In the LA Blue class, we read a story called the Lady or the Tiger, and it was about a man who wanted the lady behind one door but the tiger was behind the other door and he had two doors to choose from, but he didn’t know which one to chose. So, everyone in my class made an ending to the story about what they thought would happen, and here is my part:

The young, desperate, and handsome man walked down the aisle deciding which door to open. Both of the doors looked exactly the same, so he couldn’t decide which door he was going to open. But, the semi-barbaric princess waved her hand to the right to tell the man to open the right door. The lady really did not like the man because her father, the luxurious king, disagreed that they should get married. The beautiful and wonderful lady always went by her father’s rules. The lady was behind the left door.

From a long, long time ago in that kingdom, all of the servants, peasants, the king and the queen, the princess and the prince, and other fellow workers had a talent show. Once it was the lady’s turn at the talent show, she did a tiger’s growl and roar. She sounded so much like a tiger, so from that day on she was known as the tiger woman because of her outstanding roar.

Since the lady really did not like the man, she did her tiger roar and growled so loud that she really did sound like the tiger. The lady tricked the man into thinking that the tiger was behind the left door so the man would open the right door and not get the lady. As the man was opening the right door he saw the tiger he shouted, “YOU TRICKED ME”. After the man had opened the door with the tiger he was stuck with the tiger behind that door, until the tiger ate him.

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Lady Or Tiger by Katie

The photo of Katie’s drawing was taken by Katie.

The Lady Or The Tiger? 

The youth walked to the door with confidence. He trusted the princess. If she loves me then she will let me live a happy life with a fair lady, he thought. He looked up at the crowd and the princess. The princess looked like the sun in her golden dress.

Right before the youth grabbed the handle, panic shot through him like a rocket. He shook the panic off knowing the princess will do what she thinks is best. The crowd was so quiet you could hear the youth breathing. Hands reaching, mind spinning the youth reached for the door handle. He grabbed the cold, silver handle of the door to the right.

Then the youth turned and walked quietly to the door to the left. He was close to the door and for one last time, he glanced at the princess. She was mad and kept moving her hand to the right. He wanted to die because he would rather die than be with another lady. He opened the door.

The youth was surprised. Standing before him was the tiger eating the fair lady. The tiger dropped the lady and chased him. The crowd gasped and then started to cheer as the tiger chased the youth around.

The tiger leaped into the air. The youth screamed. Claws stretching, teeth snapping the tiger sailed through the air. The tiger landed on the youth. You could hear the bones breaking. The hungry tiger ate the youth. The princess watched as the youth died.

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Lady Or The Tiger? By Joanna

The Lady Or The Tiger?By Joanna

Without hesitation, he walked toward the door onthe right. When he was right in front of the right door, hehesitated and took one last look at the princess. Heartpounding, head spinning, he turns toward the door. Helooks at it and thinks of all of the time that he spent withthe princess. He wonders if the princess truly did lovehim, and had guided him to the door with the lady behindit. He imagines the priest and the dancing, happy peoplewhen the lady comes out.

Then he remembers her barbaric side. He wonderswhat it would be like to be torn apart by a tiger. He thinksof the orange and black beast that may be the last thinghe ever sees. But then he banishes these thoughts fromhis mind, the audience is getting restless, shouting forhim to make his decision.

He lifts his hand up to the handle of the door andswings it open. It crashes loudly as the chains and hingeson it protest against the force of his push. He sees thelady and his face brightens. The priest and the happypeople walk out! But the door, which he threw open a littletoo forcefully, swings back and whacks him, throwing himto the wall in the back of the chamber. He falls from thewall, right onto his head. There is a sound something likea wettish crack, and his body goes totally limp. He isdead. The lady in the room quickly exits through the backpassage, looking horrified.

The princess’s anguished cry is hidden in a largeaudience’s worth of gasps. They did not expect this oncehe chose the door with the lady behind it. Neither did theprincess. The priest and the happy people stop, becomered with embarrassment, and scamper back to the doorunder the king. The mourners wails pierce the air. Theaudience slowly filters out of the arena, heads down,dragging their feet, mourning for the man who died justwhen he was offered a brand new life.


Lady Or The Tiger by Michael J

The Lady Or The Tiger

In awe, I stood before the door on the right. I lifted my hand to grab the right door handle. I began to wonder what the princess would want for me. There seemed to be a coldness in her face when she pointed to the right door. I decided to block that out, and hope for the best.

Behind the left door, the maiden waited for the door to open and have handsome me for herself. The maiden resented the princess which is why she was excited to steal her lover away. The maiden knew the princess wouldn’t be able to handle watching me die. So she would tell me to open the left door. The maiden knew all of this.

I decided to listen to the princess. I opened the right door and stopped with shivers rushing through my veins. I stood motionless in front of the tiger, eyes wide. Why had the princess told me to open this door? I tried to run but the tiger was much faster than me, and soon the tiger had me in its mouth and bit in. Blood rushed from my chest, and I expected the worst but strangely the tiger didn’t approach. It actually just walked away. I knew I would die by either the tiger coming back to finish me off, or losing too much blood. Nevertheless, I tried to hang on to my life. I was missing part of my left arm and was bleeding to death. I then understood why the princess had pointed to that door. There is no point in living if you feel incomplete. I allowed myself to smile for the last time, and slowly closed my eyes.


Lady Or The Tiger by Grace

The young man walked hesitantly to the right door. He thought, would she kill me or would she let me live a happy life? He realized that she loved him enough to set him free, but he would rather die with her being the last he loved. He stopped and turned to the left. His hands were shaking as he slowly opened the the latch on the door. Then he saw a tiger run out. It was not hurting him. It must be tame. The tiger came up to him, sniffed him, then ran away.

What does this mean? The king took this as a sign. So, he stood up and announced the man’s innocence even though he opened the door with the tiger. They all rejoiced, and the King decided to have his daughter and the young man married at once.

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Lady Or The Tiger? By Noah


In L.A. class, we read a story about a semi-barbaric lady who is a princess. She falls in love with a normal person and her dad, the king, does not approve. To try and get rid of this man, the king sends the man who loves his daughter to trial. The trial is different than the ones we have today, their trial had two doors, one on the left and one on the right. Behind one door, there is a lady who the man would instantly get married to and behind the other, there was a vicious tiger. The trick was, nobody knew what which door held what. But the princess found out for the trial of the man she loved, and when the trial came, she flicked her hand to the right to signal the right door.

The thing is, that the author doesn’t finish the story. So in L.A. Class we wrote our own versions of the ending. We also drew two doors and the lady and the tiger as well. Below is my version of the ending.

The man pondered what he should do, “Does the princess wish for me to die so nobody else could have me?” The man did not know, but he trusted the princess with his life and slowly strode to the door on the right. Time slowed, the man did not know if a ruthless, bitter creature with razor sharp teeth and claws awaited him or not. The accused man stood, yet two feet in front of the massive red and yellow door that loomed over him.

At that moment, the man seemed to change his personality. He turned and glared at the princess with threatening eyes. He swore, “If a tiger awaits behind this door, do not think I will love you anymore. All that will show is your true character.” With that, the man firmly gripped the handle of the door and swung it open. The crowd gasped and held their breath. At first nothing came, then at the speed of light, claws thrashing, teeth gnashing, the tiger pounced on the man. The giant beast seemed to be as agile as a rabbit. Before the crowd had a second to feel sorrowful, the accused man was was gone; gone like the leaves from the trees on a cold winter’s night.

The days following the death of the man, the princess felt great remorse for what she had done. She let the barbaric side of her get the best of her. She wished she could undo what she had done. The following nights, the princess had dreams of what the man said before opening the door. After the seventh night, the princess finally figured out what the man said. After that she cried and cried for the rest of her life.

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Lady Or Tiger by: Ellie M

The man took a step toward the wooden doors. One door was darker, the other one was lighter. This showed who lives, who dies. Then, he looked around at the ugly masonry, with nails sticking out and holes in the stone, that made up the amphitheater. Then he looked up at the king’s terrace. The brick walls stood out against the stone. He took another step forward andanother and another until he found himself standing in front of the right door.
He reached for the doorknob, grasped the knob’s rough material and glanced at the princess.She nodded her head with a slight smile across her face. The man took a deep breath and blew her a kiss. She just nodded her head. “What if she doesn’t want me anymore?” he whispered to himself, “Of course she wants me.” With the sudden boost of confidence, he turned the knob and pushed forward.
The door swung open to a dark corridor. On one side there were skulls of the men that died. Onthe other side there were bouquets of flowers that were in everybody’s wedding. The man took a step in and looked at one of the skulls. It was cracked in half, bloody, and missing a few teeth. Hewalked to the other wall and smelled a bouquet of roses. Then, there was a sharp pain in his leg.He turned around and saw the tiger. Then he felt nothing.

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