Lady Or The Tiger? By Noah


In L.A. class, we read a story about a semi-barbaric lady who is a princess. She falls in love with a normal person and her dad, the king, does not approve. To try and get rid of this man, the king sends the man who loves his daughter to trial. The trial is different than the ones we have today, their trial had two doors, one on the left and one on the right. Behind one door, there is a lady who the man would instantly get married to and behind the other, there was a vicious tiger. The trick was, nobody knew what which door held what. But the princess found out for the trial of the man she loved, and when the trial came, she flicked her hand to the right to signal the right door.

The thing is, that the author doesn’t finish the story. So in L.A. Class we wrote our own versions of the ending. We also drew two doors and the lady and the tiger as well. Below is my version of the ending.

The man pondered what he should do, “Does the princess wish for me to die so nobody else could have me?” The man did not know, but he trusted the princess with his life and slowly strode to the door on the right. Time slowed, the man did not know if a ruthless, bitter creature with razor sharp teeth and claws awaited him or not. The accused man stood, yet two feet in front of the massive red and yellow door that loomed over him.

At that moment, the man seemed to change his personality. He turned and glared at the princess with threatening eyes. He swore, “If a tiger awaits behind this door, do not think I will love you anymore. All that will show is your true character.” With that, the man firmly gripped the handle of the door and swung it open. The crowd gasped and held their breath. At first nothing came, then at the speed of light, claws thrashing, teeth gnashing, the tiger pounced on the man. The giant beast seemed to be as agile as a rabbit. Before the crowd had a second to feel sorrowful, the accused man was was gone; gone like the leaves from the trees on a cold winter’s night.

The days following the death of the man, the princess felt great remorse for what she had done. She let the barbaric side of her get the best of her. She wished she could undo what she had done. The following nights, the princess had dreams of what the man said before opening the door. After the seventh night, the princess finally figured out what the man said. After that she cried and cried for the rest of her life.

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