Lady Or Tiger by Katie

The photo of Katie’s drawing was taken by Katie.

The Lady Or The Tiger? 

The youth walked to the door with confidence. He trusted the princess. If she loves me then she will let me live a happy life with a fair lady, he thought. He looked up at the crowd and the princess. The princess looked like the sun in her golden dress.

Right before the youth grabbed the handle, panic shot through him like a rocket. He shook the panic off knowing the princess will do what she thinks is best. The crowd was so quiet you could hear the youth breathing. Hands reaching, mind spinning the youth reached for the door handle. He grabbed the cold, silver handle of the door to the right.

Then the youth turned and walked quietly to the door to the left. He was close to the door and for one last time, he glanced at the princess. She was mad and kept moving her hand to the right. He wanted to die because he would rather die than be with another lady. He opened the door.

The youth was surprised. Standing before him was the tiger eating the fair lady. The tiger dropped the lady and chased him. The crowd gasped and then started to cheer as the tiger chased the youth around.

The tiger leaped into the air. The youth screamed. Claws stretching, teeth snapping the tiger sailed through the air. The tiger landed on the youth. You could hear the bones breaking. The hungry tiger ate the youth. The princess watched as the youth died.

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