Lady or The Tiger? by Jinger C.

The Lady Or The Tiger?

By Jinger

Heart beating, death possibly arriving, the prince was beyond scared. He was terrified. Would he pick the door that led to a fairy tale, a happily ever after? Or would he be led to the devil’s door where he would be led to his doom to die? Sadly he didn’t know. It was basically a game of luck. He knew he was not lucky, anything but lucky. When he played rock, paper, scissors, and tic tac toe with his friends, he always lost. This wasn’t like that. He wouldn’t be called a loser and play another round of the game. No, there isn’t another round. There is no second chance. Instead of being called a loser he would die. Even worse he would be eaten alive and he would feel the pain of dying. All of these horrible thoughts flashed through his mind and not long after that, he passed out.

He opened his eyes awake and thought he was having a nightmare. He woke up and said it was real, screamed so loud he couldn’t hear himself. I need to stop. There is always a bright side to things. He thought about the good things. What if he opened the door to love? What if he saw his beautiful princess awaiting with her beautiful smile that was so bright it could light the whole sun? Her gorgeous black, shiney, and long thick, wavy, beautiful hair that was as dark as midnight? Those thoughts scrambled through his mind making him feel more convinced that he might have a chance to his only happiness.

He started walking to the door. As he stalled an hour went passed. He had only accomplished two steps. As he slapped himself and yelled, “Get your head in the game!”, he walked closer and closer. The more steps he took, the more numb his legs got until he was at the point where he was struggling. He was to the point where he was pleading on his knees. He crawled inch by inch. He finally stood up slowly and took a hard fearful breath. His hand reached towards the right door but snapped back quickly. He looked back at the little pond he made while crying. He quickly wrote a note to his family members and best friends so if he died they would see it. He jotted down all the secrets he has kept and the naughty stuff he has done. He left it on the floor where it wouldn’t get touched. He put his jacket around it and wrote R.I.P. He opened the right door nervously, took a breath, and sucked it all up.

He couldn’t believe what he saw. He opened his eyes and a fast little tear scrolled down his left eye. There she was; her soft kind eyes looked into his. It was love at first sight. He tenderly grabbed her hand and swept her off her feet. “Wait!” he said in a panic. He rushed over to where he put his note, ripped it up, and smiled. “I won’t be needing this anymore he said.” He returned to his bride skipped through the front door and closed the door behind him as they traveled through the magical forest on their horse. His only dream and wish had come true. He finally had a happily ever after with his beautiful bride and they could love each other forever


The Lady Or The Tiger by Davi


I thought about the decision I had made. My lover looked so desperate, silently asking me; Which door? Which door? I pointed to the door on the right. The door that held a fearsome tiger. I felt like a monster, leading my love to a gruesome death, instead of giving him a happy life with a woman who is not me. I could almost smell the raw meat, hear the flesh being ripped apart, and my lover screaming. Oh the screaming, I thought. Those gut-wrenching screams. I could barely stand the thought of those screams. I laid my head down on my arm, closed my eyes, and prepared for the horror yet to come.


As the princess cautiously pointed to the door on the right, the first thought that popped into my head was: Is that the door with the lady? I scolded myself for thinking such a thought. The princess wouldn’t let me die. I confidently sauntered over to the door on the right. I grabbed the handle, then yanked open the door. As soon the door opened I heard a fearsome roar. I instinctively jumped up as a blur of black and orange barreled out of the door like a shot from a cannon. My hand found the knife in my sleeve and pulled it out, fast as lightning. The whole coliseum gasped as they saw the fifteen centimeter blade. By now the tiger had spun around and was prowling around me. It lunged for a second time, and I ducked. The tiger smacked into the door and fell to the ground. the tiger got up, its eyes rubies, its teeth bared in a formidable snarl. The tiger lunged for a third time, and I didn’t duck. I don’t really know what happened next. It was all a blur. All I know is that I heard a sickening thwack as my knife cut into the tiger’s neck and cut its head clean off.


Thwack. That was the only sound I heard. Then no more. I could barely look up, fearing what I would see. I looked up and saw my lover. Still alive and with the tiger dead at his feet. In his hand was a long curved knife. The murderous look on his fae said one thing. I hate you.

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Lady Or Tiger by Katie

The photo of Katie’s drawing was taken by Katie.

The Lady Or The Tiger? 

The youth walked to the door with confidence. He trusted the princess. If she loves me then she will let me live a happy life with a fair lady, he thought. He looked up at the crowd and the princess. The princess looked like the sun in her golden dress.

Right before the youth grabbed the handle, panic shot through him like a rocket. He shook the panic off knowing the princess will do what she thinks is best. The crowd was so quiet you could hear the youth breathing. Hands reaching, mind spinning the youth reached for the door handle. He grabbed the cold, silver handle of the door to the right.

Then the youth turned and walked quietly to the door to the left. He was close to the door and for one last time, he glanced at the princess. She was mad and kept moving her hand to the right. He wanted to die because he would rather die than be with another lady. He opened the door.

The youth was surprised. Standing before him was the tiger eating the fair lady. The tiger dropped the lady and chased him. The crowd gasped and then started to cheer as the tiger chased the youth around.

The tiger leaped into the air. The youth screamed. Claws stretching, teeth snapping the tiger sailed through the air. The tiger landed on the youth. You could hear the bones breaking. The hungry tiger ate the youth. The princess watched as the youth died.

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My Wisdom Tale by Jenny

“Who are you?” questioned Theresa.

Sheba said, “Hi, I’m Sheba. I am an exchange student from Africa because my dad just got a promotion for his job in Beijing. May I be friends with you guys?”

Po said, ”No, you are too perfect, you get good grades, you are very smart, and you’re just so perfect.”

Sheba said, ”Ok then, but then maybe you guys can become like me?”

Julian exclaimed, ”No, we like who we are.”

After Sheba got home she realized that she wanted to really become friends with the four pigs, because at her old school in Africa she wasn’t that cool and didn’t have many friends. She decided that she wanted to be like them so she started acting dumb, didn’t do her homework, or even she wouldn’t even study for her quizzes or tests.

The next day of school, Sheba’s teachers noticed that she was acting really weirdly lately and wasn’t doing good in her classes.

Once the four pigs saw Sheba walking in the hallway with her hair flowing back and wearing a lot of makeup with no more glasses and braces, they decided that Sheba should join their group. Sheba became so happy.

Po said, “Hey Sheba! Do you want to maybe eat lunch with us, and hangout after school?”

“Yes, I would love too!” Sheba said with excitement

“See you then!” said Julian

Later that day Sheba was called to the principals office.

Mr. BobCat said, “Sheba, Sheba, Sheba, why have you changed to become someone that you are not?”

Sheba said, “I am very sorry sir, I was just trying to become friends with some of the cool people because I have never been popular.”

“You can find different friends that aren’t fake, and you could still be friends with some other people.” Said Mr. Bobcat

Sheba realized that she really should’ve not changed because these girls are changing her life. They are making her bad when Sheba is good and now Sheba has a bad reputation.

That day after school when Sheba got home she knew that she couldn’t stay like that any longer. She is now back to normal, and she doesn’t have to be someone that she’s not.

The moral of this story is be who you really are, and not someone else that your not.

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The Follower Ferret by Michael J

There once was a ferret living in the grasslands. His name was Jerry. He always followed another group of ferrets. He followed them everywhere they went. One day when the ferrets were trying to go hunting Jerry followed them and scared away their food. That made the group of ferrets really mad. The group of ferrets didn’t like Jerry because he always followed them around, so they decided to get rid of him. The leader of the group, Rohandro had a plan.

One day the group of ferrets decided to go into a tree hole knowing Jerry would follow. The ferrets were all too big to fit in the hole. So when they got to the hole, the group of ferrets told Jerry to go first into the hole. Jerry wasn’t very smart and wanted to be a part of the group so he went in. He got in but he couldn’t get out. Jerry thought the group of ferrets would come back to help him but they didn’t. The group of ferrets left and were thankful that they never saw him again.

Moral:  Don’t always follow the group.

The Smuggler On Comic Life by Davi

For my project on Comic Life, I chose The Smuggler. The Smuggler is about a smuggler who when trying to cross a border, is stopped by a border control officer. The border control officer then demanded to search the smuggler’s donkey. He does so, but finds nothing. This happens for ten years, and even thought the border control officer know that the juggler is smuggling something, he can’t prove it. In ten years, when the border control officer is retired, he sees the smuggler in the market, and asks him what he was smuggling. The smuggler says that he was smuggling donkeys. The moral of the story is to not overlook the obvious, and to not judge a book by it’s cover.


What is Your Favorite Dystopian Fiction Book? By David

Dystopian fiction is a newly popular genre started by what I call “Hunger Games-itis” in which there is a protagonist in a new country where the government controls everything, whose family is poor and by some means of selection move in to the center of society. It is a fun genre to read. In the past few years, the number of this type of books has increased by a lot. I’d really like to know what your favorites are. Please comment!


Diamond Ages: Chapter One by David, Davi, and Ryan

I walked through the forest all through the day. The crackling of leaves was an unpleasant sound to me, and being in a forest in the autumn was not the best place to go in order to avoid dry leaves. I was very lonely, but I would have to get used to feeling like that, as I was going to be alone for some time. A rustling in the bush stopped me in my tracks. I drew my dagger, and stepped carefully towards the bush. Suddenly, out stepped a fat pig. I speared it through the head and killed it.

I was thankful for the turn of events, because my rations had been running low. That night, I lit a fire with my fire kit, and I cooked the pig. I was growing more and more thankful for the gifts the men had given to me. The next day, singing awakened me from my slumber. I looked over at my fire and saw a beautiful woman. I immediately stood up and grabbed my spear.

“Who are you!” I shouted.

“I am Hwina.” she said.I fell to my knees, and bowed. Hwina was our people’s goddess of protection.

“What brings you here my queen?” I asked.

“Your quest is most intriguing. I couldn’t stay away. It is said that your quest could either save your people, or destroy them.” she answered calmly.

“What!!” I exclaimed

“I had no idea that my quest was this important! Do you know what is ahead of me?” Hwina smiled, and shook her head.”I cannot help you with that, but I can offer you protection.” She reached into one of the pockets in her dress, and took out a ring.

“I’m not one for jewelry!” I protested.

“Shut up and take it!” She said, sounding annoyed.

“Fine! I’ll take it!” I replied angrily. “What is it for, anyway?”

“When whispered ‘protect’ this ring transforms into a suit of unbreakable lightweight armor. This power should only be used in dire situations, since you can only use it five times,” explained Hwina. And with that Hwina spread her hidden wings, and flew up into the air.

I followed her with my eyes until she was gone. I slipped on the ring, packed up my camp, and kept walking. I was shaken by what Hwina had said. About my quest either saving my people, or destroying them. My people weren’t in any danger. At least not yet, according to Hwina.

I suddenly became very annoyed with the goddess. She probably knew what was going to happen to my village, but didn’t want to tell me. I took off my ring and angrily stuffed it into my tunic. I felt like I was being used to do the gods’ bidding. Like I was their mindless pawn, doing whatever they wanted. I decided that I was not going to use Hwina’s ring. Not without knowing where it would take me.With that thought in mind, I reached my first bandit. Or rather, he reached me.

The bandit was a fat one, probably weighing more than two horses. When he reached me he spun me around and pushed me to the ground. “Give me all your gold or you die!” he exclaimed. I pulled the spear off of my back and stood up. The bandit had a small knife, but that was it. I pointed the spear at his throat and told him to leave. If he lingered, he would be a dead bandit. With that, he raced away into the bush. I felt good after the encounter with the bandit. Scaring him off made me feel like I was in power again. I took the ring that Hwina gave me, and slipped it on my finger. I decided that I would only use it if I was about to die. I knew this wasn’t going to be the last bandit I encountered. It was starting to snow. By evening it was snowing so violently that I could barely see. I decided to make camp inside a dimly lit cave. The deeper I went the darker it got. Then I came across a giant rock, or at least I thought it was. It looked like it was snoring. I lit a small fire and to my horror, I saw a giant spider sprawled across the floor.

Diamond Age Prologue by Davi, David, and Ryan


I woke up to the sound of the drum. I slipped on my fur cloak and belted on my deerskin tunic and I walked outside of my tent into the circle of men.

The elder greeted me, “Congratulations! Today you become a man!” All the men in the circle were holding something to give me.

The first man gave me a piece of flint and a stone. He said, “Take this. If you strike the flint with the stone, you can catch the sparks to make a fire.”

The next man gave me a small hand ax. He did not say anything, but he nodded and smiled.

The third man held out a spear with a blade of stone and a shaft of strong, lightweight wood. Along with the spear, he gave me a knife. “Take these,” he said. “They will protect you on your journey.”

The last man smiled and said, “I am not wealthy and have nothing of large importance to give to you. However, I can give you this.” He gave me a leather pack with a small bag of rations in it.

I thanked him, knowing that what he said was true. The tribe leader then ushered me towards the ceremonial fire. The eldest man and the eldest woman came out of a hut by the edge of the cliff.

The man said, “It is now time to receive your quest.” He closed his eyes, and started rocking back and forth. After what seemed like an eternity, the elder finally opened his eyes. He said, “Your quest is to travel across all the land, to a place called Diamond Cliffs. There you will receive the next part of your quest.”

That night, my sleep was filled with nightmares of my quest to come; terrifying monsters, undead armies, and a fiery demon. I awoke next morning in a cold sweat. I threw on my tunic and cloak, strapped the spear and the pack to my back, slid the knife into my belt, and set off to the Diamond Cliffs.

Story Feedback by David


Lately, Davi, Ryan, and I have been writing a story called Diamond Ages. We have posted the prologue, and I am looking for feedback about the story so I can tell my co-writers what people say. Please comment, so we can improve our work. We hope to post the first chapter soon! Thanks for everyone commenting on the prologue!






Picture drawn by me!