Lady or The Tiger? by Jinger C.

The Lady Or The Tiger?

By Jinger

Heart beating, death possibly arriving, the prince was beyond scared. He was terrified. Would he pick the door that led to a fairy tale, a happily ever after? Or would he be led to the devil’s door where he would be led to his doom to die? Sadly he didn’t know. It was basically a game of luck. He knew he was not lucky, anything but lucky. When he played rock, paper, scissors, and tic tac toe with his friends, he always lost. This wasn’t like that. He wouldn’t be called a loser and play another round of the game. No, there isn’t another round. There is no second chance. Instead of being called a loser he would die. Even worse he would be eaten alive and he would feel the pain of dying. All of these horrible thoughts flashed through his mind and not long after that, he passed out.

He opened his eyes awake and thought he was having a nightmare. He woke up and said it was real, screamed so loud he couldn’t hear himself. I need to stop. There is always a bright side to things. He thought about the good things. What if he opened the door to love? What if he saw his beautiful princess awaiting with her beautiful smile that was so bright it could light the whole sun? Her gorgeous black, shiney, and long thick, wavy, beautiful hair that was as dark as midnight? Those thoughts scrambled through his mind making him feel more convinced that he might have a chance to his only happiness.

He started walking to the door. As he stalled an hour went passed. He had only accomplished two steps. As he slapped himself and yelled, “Get your head in the game!”, he walked closer and closer. The more steps he took, the more numb his legs got until he was at the point where he was struggling. He was to the point where he was pleading on his knees. He crawled inch by inch. He finally stood up slowly and took a hard fearful breath. His hand reached towards the right door but snapped back quickly. He looked back at the little pond he made while crying. He quickly wrote a note to his family members and best friends so if he died they would see it. He jotted down all the secrets he has kept and the naughty stuff he has done. He left it on the floor where it wouldn’t get touched. He put his jacket around it and wrote R.I.P. He opened the right door nervously, took a breath, and sucked it all up.

He couldn’t believe what he saw. He opened his eyes and a fast little tear scrolled down his left eye. There she was; her soft kind eyes looked into his. It was love at first sight. He tenderly grabbed her hand and swept her off her feet. “Wait!” he said in a panic. He rushed over to where he put his note, ripped it up, and smiled. “I won’t be needing this anymore he said.” He returned to his bride skipped through the front door and closed the door behind him as they traveled through the magical forest on their horse. His only dream and wish had come true. He finally had a happily ever after with his beautiful bride and they could love each other forever


5 thoughts on “Lady or The Tiger? by Jinger C.

  1. Thanks Kay! It took me a while to draw that tiger, so I appreciate the compliment! 🙂 @19kay

  2. Jinger, I loved your story. I literally was almost panicking, your story was a cliff hanger! ! I really liked the part where he wrote all the bad things that he had done. GREAT JOB, once again!

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