Lady or The Tiger? by Jinger C.

The Lady Or The Tiger?

By Jinger

Heart beating, death possibly arriving, the prince was beyond scared. He was terrified. Would he pick the door that led to a fairy tale, a happily ever after? Or would he be led to the devil’s door where he would be led to his doom to die? Sadly he didn’t know. It was basically a game of luck. He knew he was not lucky, anything but lucky. When he played rock, paper, scissors, and tic tac toe with his friends, he always lost. This wasn’t like that. He wouldn’t be called a loser and play another round of the game. No, there isn’t another round. There is no second chance. Instead of being called a loser he would die. Even worse he would be eaten alive and he would feel the pain of dying. All of these horrible thoughts flashed through his mind and not long after that, he passed out.

He opened his eyes awake and thought he was having a nightmare. He woke up and said it was real, screamed so loud he couldn’t hear himself. I need to stop. There is always a bright side to things. He thought about the good things. What if he opened the door to love? What if he saw his beautiful princess awaiting with her beautiful smile that was so bright it could light the whole sun? Her gorgeous black, shiney, and long thick, wavy, beautiful hair that was as dark as midnight? Those thoughts scrambled through his mind making him feel more convinced that he might have a chance to his only happiness.

He started walking to the door. As he stalled an hour went passed. He had only accomplished two steps. As he slapped himself and yelled, “Get your head in the game!”, he walked closer and closer. The more steps he took, the more numb his legs got until he was at the point where he was struggling. He was to the point where he was pleading on his knees. He crawled inch by inch. He finally stood up slowly and took a hard fearful breath. His hand reached towards the right door but snapped back quickly. He looked back at the little pond he made while crying. He quickly wrote a note to his family members and best friends so if he died they would see it. He jotted down all the secrets he has kept and the naughty stuff he has done. He left it on the floor where it wouldn’t get touched. He put his jacket around it and wrote R.I.P. He opened the right door nervously, took a breath, and sucked it all up.

He couldn’t believe what he saw. He opened his eyes and a fast little tear scrolled down his left eye. There she was; her soft kind eyes looked into his. It was love at first sight. He tenderly grabbed her hand and swept her off her feet. “Wait!” he said in a panic. He rushed over to where he put his note, ripped it up, and smiled. “I won’t be needing this anymore he said.” He returned to his bride skipped through the front door and closed the door behind him as they traveled through the magical forest on their horse. His only dream and wish had come true. He finally had a happily ever after with his beautiful bride and they could love each other forever


Lady or the Tiger? by Michiko

Which one should I do, I thought. She told me to go to the right. What if the tiger was in the door to the right? I could try to fight it, but I may still die. If a lady is in the door, I will be forced to marry her and maybe never get to see the princess again. I looked up giving her a thankful look, but to my surprise she was gone. What if she didn’t want to see me die because the tiger was behind the door? What if she left because she was too sad to see me marry the lady?

Suddenly, my mind realized that she wanted me to go to the door on the right, so if I died or married someone else and never got to see her again she would know that I made that choice because of her. I started to move to the right. Legs shaking, hands swinging, I walked quickly to the door on the right. I reached out to the door. He giant door handle was very cold. One more time I looked back up and she was back. I shut my eyes and pulled the door open.

I saw the princess, who looked just like a poor lady, a difference only I would notice. I looked around for the other lady but I did not see her. The princess whispered to me that the lady had taken her seat next to the king, and after the princess and I were married she would will get it back. I happily smiled. At once we were married.


Lady Or The Tiger by Norman









This is my Lady or the Tiger ending in first person.

My heart pounds. I have seen the princess give me an indication of which door to choose but I am unsure. She may think that if she cannot have me then nobody may have me, or she may want me to live the rest of my life in peace. I go to the door the princess suggested and pull. The door does not budge. The entire arena bursts into laughter. I try again with no effect. After I give up I go to the other door. My trembling hand reaches for the handle of the large, ornate wooden door. I grasp it and then I hear something, a deep rumbling coming from underneath me. I look down just in time to see the ground fold up underneath me and I fall into darkness. When I come to I am lying on the cold stone floor. I get up and look around. All around me are skeletons and wooden beams that are covered in scratches. I turn around and see two red eyes. I turn and run. Once I am in the other end of the chamber I face the eyes. As I watch, the tiger leaps out of the darkness and sprints towards me. The tiger is almost upon me when it jerks to a stop. I look at the tiger again, and I see that it has a chain around its neck. It is now when I wonder what has happened. I see a hallway. There is no other way out that I can see so I go down the hallway. A hidden door shuts behind me. I pound the door but it is stuck. I continue on. In the next chamber there is a pit of lava with pillars topped with ice in the lava. The door is high up on the opposite wall. The only way is to jump from platform to platform. I take leap to the first platform from where I stood. I slip on the ice and fall off. My fingers find a ridge in the ice and I stop falling. After much time just hanging there I manage to pull myself up. Much later I have finally made it to the second to last pillar after much slipping and hanging. When I jump to the last one it shakes and begins to sink into the lava. I quickly steady myself and prepare to jump to the door. I jump and land in the doorway just as the pillar falls sideways into the lava. I peer into the next room and it seems like a normal room with cobblestone flooring. Just to test I pick up a piece of loose cobblestone and throw it onto the rest. A piece of cobble stone moves down and opens the section of floor around it into a spike pit. There are skeletons of people in the pit stuck on the spikes. And something that looks inhuman. Its skeleton looks long and thin with large spikes coming off of it. The floor returned to normal. I tread carefully between the stones until I am at the door. When I go through I see a large, many footed insect staring at me. It was covered head to tail in a flexible shell and spikes. It rears up and slams itself into the wall above me. Large chunks of stone rain down around me. I see the door behind the beast. I sprint onto the torso between the spikes and wait. The insect’s head slams down on the spikes around me trying to get to me. I sprint off the insect and make a leap towards the door. I fly through the door just in time for the room behind me to collapse on the insect. As I walk into the room I do not believe my eyes. The room is made of gold and silver and many other metals. There are several pedestals with emeralds, sapphires, rubies and diamonds. The room is filled with coins and animal pelts. I see a large gold gear click into place and a stairway descend from the ceiling. I reemerge into the arena full of guards. One spots me and says for me to come to the king. I go to the king and tell him all I have discovered. The king and I agree to give him all the gold and pelts for the hand of the fair princess.

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Lady Or The Tiger? by Jack H.


Heart pounding, eyes widening, the man looked at the princess for help. The princess used her thumb to point to the right, but she did it so no one would see. The princess had seen the man with the other woman that was going to be his wife if a tiger does not come out. The man knew that the princess had seen them, so he had to ponder if she was telling the truth or if she hated him. If she hated him, he would be eaten by a tiger. As he looked at the door with tears running loose down his face not knowing what to open the left door or the right one. One step at a time, he look at all the people holding their breaths, some not looking, some eyes fixed on him as if they werenailed to him. On his tenth step, he tripped and the king got up and yelled, “Get on with it, I don’t have all day!” That was followed by an eruption by the crowd.

He got up and opened the door on the right out leapt a tiger. Now he knew he was going to die. He looked at the tiger running around the stadium, then at the princess, with the blood running out his face. She looked back with a wink. The tiger charged, so the man ran into where the tiger came from. The tiger bit the man and the crowd went dead quiet. The man grunted with pain.

Later, after everyone left the stadium the guards got sent out to get the man a bury him. The man passed out with blood loss. The man woke up under two feet of dirt. He quickly started to dig his way out. He was about to suffocate, but he broke through the dirt.

He got up, dusted himself off, and walked to the next city. From that day on, he was known as the man who beat the tiger.

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Lady Or The Tiger Ending by Alex P.

The man suddenly froze with shock as his eyes met the fangs of the ruthless tiger. The audience gasped and screamed with fear and horror. The shouts awoke him from his frozen state. His instincts immediately took over him. He ran like the wind, until he was directly below the princess, staring up at her. The tenderness in his eyes was no longer there. It was a steely, hard stare filled with a fire of loathing and fear. He regretted ever knowing the woman he once loved. He no longer believed she loved him. Would it not be that she would have chosen to give him the fate of safety? Even if she would be overflowing with green envy, would she not have preferred to make sure that he was unharmed, despite the fact he was with another woman? He was wrong. Her love was not unconditional, as he thought. She had a wicked mind and soul, and her heart was as black as coal. Now he would die because of her jealousy and rage. He would die not for a noble cause, but at the mercy of the wrath of a ferocious tiger.

The princess could not meet his eyes. She knew her decision was unjust, and unfair to the man she loved. She cursed herself for letting her envy make her become a vicious, dark, unloving, soul. When she made her choice, she thought that it would not matter if he faced the lady or the tiger. He would still not be with her either way. She believed it would be better if she did not have to see him with someone else. Hence, she led him to the tiger.

She forced herself to look upon the poor man. The princess forged her eyes into a prideful haughty stare. It pained her to know she would watch her loved one’s death, but it was too late.

The tiger stalked and growled with hunger as it approached its new prey—the man. The man slowly and nervously turned to face the savage killing machine. Every muscle in his body tensed into stone. Every nerve tingled as if it were sounding an alarm. His face was pale and beaded with sweat. It took every ounce of his courage to even stand. His hand shook rapidly and his knees wobbled when he took a step back. Suddenly, everything in his body became cold. He felt dizzy. His vision slowly became darker and fuzzier until the world became an opaque, black screen.

The princess covered her eyes as she said a silent prayer, hoping he would not leave her. She wanted to sob. She wanted to scream to the world it was her fault. She suddenly heard the tiger’s deafening roar. She peeked between her fingers. The man was… unconscious? Her eyebrows furrowed with confusion. Or was he already dead? Her vision shifted to the tiger- it was approaching him. No he was not. Be merciful. Spare him. There are many more to come for you to eat, tiger. This is one of many. Just let this one go, she thought. It was all in vain. The tiger leaped. The princess covered her eyes with fear. When she opened them, her love was slain. He was covered in ghastly, deep, gory, gashes. He even seemed dignified with all his cuts.

The princess swallowed a scream of anguish. It was her fault, all her fault. A man died because of a flick of her hand. It was not any man either, it was the man she loved. Yet she knew her actions were harsh, selfish, and… unloving. He probably died abhorring her. Her heart was filled with bitter remorse and misery.

The princess lived many sorrowful years mourning the loss of the man she still adored.

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The Lady Or The Tiger by Davi


I thought about the decision I had made. My lover looked so desperate, silently asking me; Which door? Which door? I pointed to the door on the right. The door that held a fearsome tiger. I felt like a monster, leading my love to a gruesome death, instead of giving him a happy life with a woman who is not me. I could almost smell the raw meat, hear the flesh being ripped apart, and my lover screaming. Oh the screaming, I thought. Those gut-wrenching screams. I could barely stand the thought of those screams. I laid my head down on my arm, closed my eyes, and prepared for the horror yet to come.


As the princess cautiously pointed to the door on the right, the first thought that popped into my head was: Is that the door with the lady? I scolded myself for thinking such a thought. The princess wouldn’t let me die. I confidently sauntered over to the door on the right. I grabbed the handle, then yanked open the door. As soon the door opened I heard a fearsome roar. I instinctively jumped up as a blur of black and orange barreled out of the door like a shot from a cannon. My hand found the knife in my sleeve and pulled it out, fast as lightning. The whole coliseum gasped as they saw the fifteen centimeter blade. By now the tiger had spun around and was prowling around me. It lunged for a second time, and I ducked. The tiger smacked into the door and fell to the ground. the tiger got up, its eyes rubies, its teeth bared in a formidable snarl. The tiger lunged for a third time, and I didn’t duck. I don’t really know what happened next. It was all a blur. All I know is that I heard a sickening thwack as my knife cut into the tiger’s neck and cut its head clean off.


Thwack. That was the only sound I heard. Then no more. I could barely look up, fearing what I would see. I looked up and saw my lover. Still alive and with the tiger dead at his feet. In his hand was a long curved knife. The murderous look on his fae said one thing. I hate you.

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My Lady Or The Tiger Ending by Miriam D.


We read a short story called “The Lady or the Tiger?” In class. There was once a brutal king who came up with a trial system where he had two doors, one with a lady and one with a tiger, and the criminal chose which one that they were to go through. If they chose the door with the Lady, they would be married to her at once and live a great life. But if they chose the tiger, they would be ripped to shreds by the beast. The horrible king found out that her daughter was in love with a poor man from the village, so he sent him on trial. The princess had found out which door was which, and she waved her hand to the right to tell him to go to the door on the right. But what did she want for him? The story didn’t have an ending, it ended on a cliff hanger that didn’t explain what happened her. Here is my Lady or the Tiger ending.


And through that door was what I thought of as the better of the two terrible fates. My lover stepped cautiously toward the door to the right. Hand sweating, heart pounding, he slowly turned the handle. I turned away in disgust as the bells started ringing and the beautiful maiden stepped out of the door. I felt sick as I watched the wedding ceremony and them holding hands. I thought to myself,”Does he look happier than he had with me? Will I ever be able to live with myself knowing that I had set him up with his true love?” I realized I had made a mistake, that it really was better for him to die then to be with that despicable girl! But it was too late. I could do nothing about it. And that fact alone tormented me.

As my new wife and I surveyed the arena and saw all the happy, smiling faces, I couldn’t help to feel happy for myself. The princess had saved me from the tiger! I knew she would! But in all the commotion of the majestic sounds of the ringing bells and the cheering crowds, everything else was blocked from my mind. So after the preacher made us man and wife, my beautiful wife and I gazed into each others eyes and ignored the rest of the world. I opened the door for her so that we could leave the arena, still completely oblivious to everything going on around me, and it was the loud roar that snapped me back into my senses. I had opened the wrong door! I had opened he door to the tiger’s cage and he was upon us now. I tried to find her, but she had already been slain by the beast and I had less then a minute left to live. I looked over at the princess and saw a smile on her face. Though I still loved her, she disgusted me now. So I ran toward the tiger, willing to die, for I had nothing left in this world.




Lady Or The Tiger by Neil


This project the lady or the tiger required a lot of creativity. We wrote an ending to a story that didn’t have one. In the story the princess would pick a fate for her love. She would point to either the door on the left or on the right. The man would have to consider what the princess would want for him. Behind one door there was a lady that he would be married to, behind the other there was a ferocious tiger. Then the man would walk up to one of the doors and open it. He would meet whatever lay behind the door he picked.

This is my ending to the story.

Standing, shaking, and wondering. What will fate lead me to? A horrible bloody death, or an end where I would never be truly happy. Needing to be married to one that I don’t love. What would the princess want to suffer from? To live forever in jealousy of the wife, that I was married to, but have me live? Or be rid of me and never have to remember this day again but have the guilt? These questions were gnawing at my insides.

When asked, the princess quickly thrust her arm to the right, seemingly responding to the call with no thought. I observed the princess with meaningful, serious eyes. The crowd finally quieting after the grand applause. The people seemed eager to proceed with the event.

Returning my gaze back to the doors, I decided that the princess would have wanted me killed because of the jealousy that would come if I were to be married. This was was my final decision. However, I would never truly be sure of what was behind the doors until I opened a door. After all, she was half barbaric. That gene had been passed down from her father and the previous rulers. So expecting this, mind racing, I slowly drifted to the door on the left. Murmurs and gasps traveled through the crowd. All thinking, why would he choose differently from the princess?

Reaching for left door, I wrapped my hand around the handle. Standing there for what seemed like an eternity, I pulled. The door creaked open. There was a ferocious roar, and instantly I dove out of the way. Before even having a chance to look back. I felt an enormous pain. My last thought I would ever have was why didn’t I trust the princess?

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Lady Or The Tiger? By Joanna

The Lady Or The Tiger?By Joanna

Without hesitation, he walked toward the door onthe right. When he was right in front of the right door, hehesitated and took one last look at the princess. Heartpounding, head spinning, he turns toward the door. Helooks at it and thinks of all of the time that he spent withthe princess. He wonders if the princess truly did lovehim, and had guided him to the door with the lady behindit. He imagines the priest and the dancing, happy peoplewhen the lady comes out.

Then he remembers her barbaric side. He wonderswhat it would be like to be torn apart by a tiger. He thinksof the orange and black beast that may be the last thinghe ever sees. But then he banishes these thoughts fromhis mind, the audience is getting restless, shouting forhim to make his decision.

He lifts his hand up to the handle of the door andswings it open. It crashes loudly as the chains and hingeson it protest against the force of his push. He sees thelady and his face brightens. The priest and the happypeople walk out! But the door, which he threw open a littletoo forcefully, swings back and whacks him, throwing himto the wall in the back of the chamber. He falls from thewall, right onto his head. There is a sound something likea wettish crack, and his body goes totally limp. He isdead. The lady in the room quickly exits through the backpassage, looking horrified.

The princess’s anguished cry is hidden in a largeaudience’s worth of gasps. They did not expect this oncehe chose the door with the lady behind it. Neither did theprincess. The priest and the happy people stop, becomered with embarrassment, and scamper back to the doorunder the king. The mourners wails pierce the air. Theaudience slowly filters out of the arena, heads down,dragging their feet, mourning for the man who died justwhen he was offered a brand new life.


The Lady Or The Tiger by Julia

We read a short story in class called The Lady or the Tiger. This story did not have an ending so we got to make one up. Here is the ending that I wrote:

The Lady and the Tiger

By Julia

Eyes closing, heart pounding, the princess prepared herself to seeher lover, James, be ripped apart by the tiger as he confidentlypulled open the door on the right. The barbaric side of her decidedthat he would go to the tiger because she knew that she could notstand him being with another lady, and she knew that this is the fatehe would want. She closed her eyes tightly, as to refrain from seeingthe horror that was soon to happen, but she heard no roars, noscreams. All she heard was people cheering, bells ringing. But itcould not be, she had been informed where the lady was, and shewas on the left. But something must have happened, somethinggone wrong. She opened her eyes, and saw her lover giving her aquestioning glance, but instead of looking into his eyes, she fled thearena.

She ran back to the castle and stopped only to put a note in a loosestone where she and James had often left each other notes. Hernote had ink blots everywhere and her handwriting was rushed, butstill legible.

Follow me. You know where I am. Where the daffodils grow.

And with that, the princess ran. She ran from her father, fromJames’s new wife, and from her busy life. She just wanted to befree and do whatever she pleased. She ran and ran until shefound the place she and James had met; an old white gazebo,with daffodils covering the ground and climbing roses coveringmost of the peeling paint.

A week later, as the princess was tending to a small garden, sheheard someone approaching on horseback and turned her face tothe side so as not to be seen.

But she would know that voice anywhere.

“James!” What are you doing here?” exclaimed the princess.

“After I found your note, I decided that you had the right ideaand I decided to follow you so we can be together forever.” Jamesexplained.

“Oh James, I missed you so greatly. Now we can just travel theworld, and do whatever our hearts desire,” declared the princess

The lady or the tiger? Or neither?

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