Lady or the Tiger? by Michiko

Which one should I do, I thought. She told me to go to the right. What if the tiger was in the door to the right? I could try to fight it, but I may still die. If a lady is in the door, I will be forced to marry her and maybe never get to see the princess again. I looked up giving her a thankful look, but to my surprise she was gone. What if she didn’t want to see me die because the tiger was behind the door? What if she left because she was too sad to see me marry the lady?

Suddenly, my mind realized that she wanted me to go to the door on the right, so if I died or married someone else and never got to see her again she would know that I made that choice because of her. I started to move to the right. Legs shaking, hands swinging, I walked quickly to the door on the right. I reached out to the door. He giant door handle was very cold. One more time I looked back up and she was back. I shut my eyes and pulled the door open.

I saw the princess, who looked just like a poor lady, a difference only I would notice. I looked around for the other lady but I did not see her. The princess whispered to me that the lady had taken her seat next to the king, and after the princess and I were married she would will get it back. I happily smiled. At once we were married.


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