Lady Or The Tiger Ending by Alex P.

The man suddenly froze with shock as his eyes met the fangs of the ruthless tiger. The audience gasped and screamed with fear and horror. The shouts awoke him from his frozen state. His instincts immediately took over him. He ran like the wind, until he was directly below the princess, staring up at her. The tenderness in his eyes was no longer there. It was a steely, hard stare filled with a fire of loathing and fear. He regretted ever knowing the woman he once loved. He no longer believed she loved him. Would it not be that she would have chosen to give him the fate of safety? Even if she would be overflowing with green envy, would she not have preferred to make sure that he was unharmed, despite the fact he was with another woman? He was wrong. Her love was not unconditional, as he thought. She had a wicked mind and soul, and her heart was as black as coal. Now he would die because of her jealousy and rage. He would die not for a noble cause, but at the mercy of the wrath of a ferocious tiger.

The princess could not meet his eyes. She knew her decision was unjust, and unfair to the man she loved. She cursed herself for letting her envy make her become a vicious, dark, unloving, soul. When she made her choice, she thought that it would not matter if he faced the lady or the tiger. He would still not be with her either way. She believed it would be better if she did not have to see him with someone else. Hence, she led him to the tiger.

She forced herself to look upon the poor man. The princess forged her eyes into a prideful haughty stare. It pained her to know she would watch her loved one’s death, but it was too late.

The tiger stalked and growled with hunger as it approached its new prey—the man. The man slowly and nervously turned to face the savage killing machine. Every muscle in his body tensed into stone. Every nerve tingled as if it were sounding an alarm. His face was pale and beaded with sweat. It took every ounce of his courage to even stand. His hand shook rapidly and his knees wobbled when he took a step back. Suddenly, everything in his body became cold. He felt dizzy. His vision slowly became darker and fuzzier until the world became an opaque, black screen.

The princess covered her eyes as she said a silent prayer, hoping he would not leave her. She wanted to sob. She wanted to scream to the world it was her fault. She suddenly heard the tiger’s deafening roar. She peeked between her fingers. The man was… unconscious? Her eyebrows furrowed with confusion. Or was he already dead? Her vision shifted to the tiger- it was approaching him. No he was not. Be merciful. Spare him. There are many more to come for you to eat, tiger. This is one of many. Just let this one go, she thought. It was all in vain. The tiger leaped. The princess covered her eyes with fear. When she opened them, her love was slain. He was covered in ghastly, deep, gory, gashes. He even seemed dignified with all his cuts.

The princess swallowed a scream of anguish. It was her fault, all her fault. A man died because of a flick of her hand. It was not any man either, it was the man she loved. Yet she knew her actions were harsh, selfish, and… unloving. He probably died abhorring her. Her heart was filled with bitter remorse and misery.

The princess lived many sorrowful years mourning the loss of the man she still adored.

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  1. The drawings are really good, and the story is extremely descriptive. I like how you made the story from both points of view. I did the same thing.

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