My Wisdom Tale by Jenny

“Who are you?” questioned Theresa.

Sheba said, “Hi, I’m Sheba. I am an exchange student from Africa because my dad just got a promotion for his job in Beijing. May I be friends with you guys?”

Po said, ”No, you are too perfect, you get good grades, you are very smart, and you’re just so perfect.”

Sheba said, ”Ok then, but then maybe you guys can become like me?”

Julian exclaimed, ”No, we like who we are.”

After Sheba got home she realized that she wanted to really become friends with the four pigs, because at her old school in Africa she wasn’t that cool and didn’t have many friends. She decided that she wanted to be like them so she started acting dumb, didn’t do her homework, or even she wouldn’t even study for her quizzes or tests.

The next day of school, Sheba’s teachers noticed that she was acting really weirdly lately and wasn’t doing good in her classes.

Once the four pigs saw Sheba walking in the hallway with her hair flowing back and wearing a lot of makeup with no more glasses and braces, they decided that Sheba should join their group. Sheba became so happy.

Po said, “Hey Sheba! Do you want to maybe eat lunch with us, and hangout after school?”

“Yes, I would love too!” Sheba said with excitement

“See you then!” said Julian

Later that day Sheba was called to the principals office.

Mr. BobCat said, “Sheba, Sheba, Sheba, why have you changed to become someone that you are not?”

Sheba said, “I am very sorry sir, I was just trying to become friends with some of the cool people because I have never been popular.”

“You can find different friends that aren’t fake, and you could still be friends with some other people.” Said Mr. Bobcat

Sheba realized that she really should’ve not changed because these girls are changing her life. They are making her bad when Sheba is good and now Sheba has a bad reputation.

That day after school when Sheba got home she knew that she couldn’t stay like that any longer. She is now back to normal, and she doesn’t have to be someone that she’s not.

The moral of this story is be who you really are, and not someone else that your not.

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