Brain by Michael J

Over the past week we have made a brain of what we are thinking about and our 6th grade life. I have many things from the school year like Membean, DA, school, and A+. But I also have other things like my friends and sports and music. There are so many things that I think about over the year, and these are just some of my favorites. I have baseball and basketball related things like Derrick Rose, Stephen Curry and Diamond Dawgs (my baseball team).

Another around the brain is my Life List. We all made Life Lists on 1/23/13. On mine, some of the things are go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, play showcase baseball and go skydiving. I hope that by the end of my life I have accomplished everything on my list. All of these things are things I think about, and they are a part of my life.


iPads by Michael J


For the past year, our school has been experimenting with and using iPads during class. The iPads have helped a lot because we don’t have to go to the lab when we need to go online, and they are great for taking notes. I have used the iPad the most in Language Arts class because we write a lot, do Membean and other things involving the iPad.

I use it to write down homework for every class because there is a reminders app. It is great for taking notes because not only can I write down notes but if we are doing an experiment in science, we can video it and watch it again. We use it for projects and sometimes we use more than one app. Like in history, I would make a Keynote presentation, draw a picture for it in Sketchbook, and research on Safari. I think a lot of people have enjoyed using the iPads this year and they have been very helpful.


Membean by Michael J

Over the course of our 6th grade year, our class has used a program called Membean which helps people learn vocabulary. It gives you new words, and then gives different ways to study them. I have found it to be very helpful in learning because the program asks the questions in ways that makes it easier to remember the words. There are also quizzes on Membean. These quizzes are similar to the quizzes we take in class, but are different because they give multiple choice options, which I find better for learning. My class wrote letters to one of the people at Membean about suggestions and things we liked about Membean, and he responded to every one of them. Overall, I think Membean is very good for learning.


Giver Memory by Michael J

If I could give away a memory like in The Giver, I would give away the memory of school letting out and becoming summer break. I would have the last bell ring and all of the kids rush out and go on summer vacation. I would give this because if I was giving a memory to a kid, that would feel like a happy time for them and it would be a good memory to give away. I would give it away first because I would want the person to start off by feeling happy but that memory is not my favorite memory.


The Ideal Teacher by Michael J

In class we are reading The Giver. In this book their is an ideal society. I am going to describe an ideal teacher. The ideal teacher to me is a teacher who is nice but still teaches well. Also they should be funny, and give assignments but not overwhelm the students with work. They should be able to teach you the work and you should be able to learn the subject but also should be nice and have a sense of humor. In The Giver, the ideal teacher would probably be strict and would make people follow the rules all the time, because their community is all about being the same and following rules.


Community Service by Michael J

On Wednesday at school we had a half day and for the rest of the day we did community service. Each advisory had a different community service. My advisory went to Hope Valley Elementary. We broke up into groups and Fred, Sarah and I went to help with the kindergarten class. We started off wrapping presents that they had made for Mother’s Day and then helped them with their subtraction. I worked with two students, and both of them were very fun, and smart. Most of the people in my advisory had a good time, and it felt good to help out their community.


The Giver by Michael J

In class, we are reading The Giver. In this book, when the children turn 12, they are given an assignment by the elders, on what they are going to do as an adult. They are given this assignment based on their interests and what they are good at. I think I would be either a doctor or a lawyer. Both of my parents are doctors and that is something I am interested in. I also want to be a lawyer because I am good at proving points, and I’m interested in it.

Westing Game by Michael J


The Westing Game, is a cozy mystery that takes place in Wisconsin. Salesman Barney Northrup rents out six apartments to different people and family. However, he has made a mistake. Then one night, Chris Theodarakis sees a man limping into the Westing mansion, which is near Sunset Towers. Later that night, Turtle Wexler ran out of the mansion after hearing whispering in the mansion. The next day, Sam Westing was announced dead and 16 heirs were called to hear his will. Each heir was given a partner, $10,000, and clues. The object of the game was to win. The partners worked to find out the Westing mystery. Which partners would find it out first?

Michael J and Michael S’s top 10 Basketball Shoes of the Year

10. In our rankings, we have decided that the CP3 6s are the tenth best shoes. They are Jordan brand and are the signature shoe of Chris Paul. Most commonly found in blue and red for the Clippers, these shoes are low top and have a zig zag pattern.

9. Ranking at number nine, are the Nike Hyperdisruptors. These shoes are some of the newest on the market and are worn by stars such as Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green. These shoes are hightops and are usually a solid color or a solid color with white.

8. The eighth shoes in our rankings are the D Rose 3.5s. They are adidas shoes and are the shoes of Derrick Rose who is currently injured. He wears red and black shoes because he plays for the bulls. They are high top shoes and are some of the best adidas shoes of the year.

7. At number seven are the Nike Hyperfuse low tops. These shoes aren’t too popular in the NBA, but are worn by college players such as Amile Jefferson of Duke. These shoes are very lightweight and offer good agility.

6. The 6th best shoe of the year are the high top Nike Hyperdunks. These shoes are very popular in college and the NBA, and have a unique design from the last years hyperdunks. They provide good cushioning for the feet and feature the fly wire design.

5. The fifth best shoes of the year are the Jordan Superfly Lows. These shoes are extremely agile, and lightweight, often coming in black and red. These shoes are some of the hottest Jordan’s of the year. They are worn by Kevin Martin of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Maya Moore in the WNBA and many more.

At number four, are the classic Nike Penny 5s. They are the shoes of Penny Hardaway, a player for the Magic in the 1990s. These classics are worn by players around the country such as Tyler Thornton and Rasheed Sulaimon.

The number three shoes are the Kobe 8s. These low top shoes are quick and agile worn by Kobe Bryant. These shoes have a classic pattern and a snake pattern and many players favor these shoes such as many of the Wichita State Shockers, Kobe Bryant and Michael S a.k.a The Mamba.

At number two, are the Kd Vs. These shoes are the fifth shoe that Kevin Durant has produced. The original KD Vs are high tops, but Nike has come out with the low top versions. They are worn by players such as Quinn Cook, Tyler Thornton, and Michael J.

And the number one shoes of the year are the… Lebron Xs. These shoes are Lebron James’ shoes. These shoes are worn all around the country, by players like Rasheed Sulaimon, Seth Curry, Mason Plumlee, and pros such as Eric Bledsoe. These shoes are hightops but Nike has recently released the low top versions. These shoes are some of the best Lebrons that have come.


Hero Book Making by Michael J

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

In Language Arts we had a project about our hero. A hero is a person who you look up to, use as a role model, and love. We wrote a story about our hero including: an introduction, three moments, and a conclusion paragraph, and we made a book out of paper. For the writing, we all talked to our hero and gathered information, and we picked three traits about my hero to write about. I wrote my story about my dad. We put all of the paragraphs in a story and checked over our work many times until we had our final draft to put in our books.

To make our books, we first started off by dipping stamps in paint and putting the ink on paper. Then we folded a piece of paper to be the book itself. After that we made our background with the stamped paper, and made a scene that was important to one of our stories. Next, we made a portal to look through to our hero. Finally, we put the cover on the book and put our writing in it. After that, they were displayed in the Frank Gallery on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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