Hero Book Making by Michael J

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

In Language Arts we had a project about our hero. A hero is a person who you look up to, use as a role model, and love. We wrote a story about our hero including: an introduction, three moments, and a conclusion paragraph, and we made a book out of paper. For the writing, we all talked to our hero and gathered information, and we picked three traits about my hero to write about. I wrote my story about my dad. We put all of the paragraphs in a story and checked over our work many times until we had our final draft to put in our books.

To make our books, we first started off by dipping stamps in paint and putting the ink on paper. Then we folded a piece of paper to be the book itself. After that we made our background with the stamped paper, and made a scene that was important to one of our stories. Next, we made a portal to look through to our hero. Finally, we put the cover on the book and put our writing in it. After that, they were displayed in the Frank Gallery on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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