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For the second community service of the year, I went strawberry picking. We picked the strawberries so that we could donate them to the Ronald McDonald House of Durham. We traveled ten minutes from the school to a strawberry patch were you could pick your own strawberries. We picked strawberries until the container we had was full, then we were done. I tried to pack them neatly, so that I could get the most strawberries. We then went to the Ronald McDonald House to drop off the strawberries. It was amazing to see how big the house was, and how much things it had.


Community Service By: Ellie M.

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Photo drawn on sketchbook

For community service we went to a meals on wheels shelter. When we got there a volunteer said to split up in two teams. All of the boys and girls in outer advisory each stepped toward opposite sides. Then the volunteer brought us in and put the girls in a conference room and the boys in the pantry.

The manager of the Thrift Shop associated with the meals on wheels shelter came in and gave us a lot of boxes with everything that has been donated to the thrift shop. This included unmatched earrings, broken watches, necklaces, pins, anything that someone didn’t have any need for. Our job was to sort the items into different boxes. Although we never finished we got halfway done.


Community Service by Michael J

On Wednesday at school we had a half day and for the rest of the day we did community service. Each advisory had a different community service. My advisory went to Hope Valley Elementary. We broke up into groups and Fred, Sarah and I went to help with the kindergarten class. We started off wrapping presents that they had made for Mother’s Day and then helped them with their subtraction. I worked with two students, and both of them were very fun, and smart. Most of the people in my advisory had a good time, and it felt good to help out their community.


Community Service by Noah


Students at Durham Academy took about half of the day to go somewhere to do community service. My advisory went to a place called TABLE. TABLE is a non-profit organization that helps the children who get school lunch but don’t have lunch on the weekends.

At TABLE we brought all the food that we had brought in to class and moved it there, in total we had brought 260 pounds of food. Then we started the process of labeling the food with expiration dates so that TABLE would know which foods to give out first. Then, after we labeled, we sorted the food onto different shelves. If there happened to be any expired food, we would pack it up and send it off to another organization where people who are not financially stable can go there and buy the expired food for free.

When we were doing community service, it wasn’t very fun, but I kept telling myself that this is for the kids who don’t have money to eat over the weekends. I would just imagine what it would be like to only eat a very small portion over the weekend and I would keep working hard.


Community Service #2 by Katie C.

Photo Drawn by Katie C.

At Durham Academy we do community service. We did community service for the second time this school year. My advisory went to the Durham Rescue Mission Thrift Shop. There we sorted though cloths to make the color and sizes right. We would go through all the cloths and put the colors with each other. A few of my friends and I sorted one rack together. We help the people by making it easier for them to shop. We got to help people who do not have as much as us, and that made my feel good about myself. I love to help people and community service is a great way to do it. That is what I did for Community Service.


Pumpkins!!!! by Davi


Photo by Senor Glass

For our first Community Service day, we first went to Bruegger’s for lunch. Then we came back to DA and decorated a pumpkin. After we finished decorating our pumpkins, we took them to the Duke Children’s Hospital. It felt really good to be able to give the kids at the hospital the Halloween that they couldn’t have because they’re sick.

The woman that met us said that instead of going trick-or-treating in the neighborhood, the children go in the hospital. If they see a ghost on a door, that means that they should trick-or-treat at that room. Since some of the kids can’t have candy, the hospital gives out small trinkets; pens, pencils, notepads, erasers, magnets, stickers, etc. The hospital also celebrates other holidays, like Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. The place is really cool, and it looks like a really nice place to be if you’re sick. That’s all for my community service project.

Community Service Alex P.

Photo by Alex from Doodle Buddy
At our school, different advisories contributed to several charities. We made sandwiches and divided ourselves into three groups. My job was to package fifteen sandwiches in the bag that the loaf came in. They had to be neatly placed and it was hard not to lose track of the amount of sandwiches that had gone into the bags. Our goal was to make four-hundred bologna and cheese sandwiches. We surpassed our expectation for ourselves. I am happy that we were able to feed some of the hungry people of our community, and thankful that I have lots of food to eat.

Community Service by Jenny D.

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

My class was one of the classes that went gleaning. There were five advisories that went gleaning: Johnson, Donnelly, Hoercher, Moore, and Williams. We picked potatoes for one hour and 30 minutes for the Society of St. Andrew. It was a really fun experience at the beginning but towards the end it got kind of boring and it was making my back hurt. I am actually very proud of my classmates and I for picking potatoes and realizing how we are helping the community around us. It was a very good thing that we did because there are people in our county that don’t have as much food as us.

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