Community Service by Noah


Students at Durham Academy took about half of the day to go somewhere to do community service. My advisory went to a place called TABLE. TABLE is a non-profit organization that helps the children who get school lunch but don’t have lunch on the weekends.

At TABLE we brought all the food that we had brought in to class and moved it there, in total we had brought 260 pounds of food. Then we started the process of labeling the food with expiration dates so that TABLE would know which foods to give out first. Then, after we labeled, we sorted the food onto different shelves. If there happened to be any expired food, we would pack it up and send it off to another organization where people who are not financially stable can go there and buy the expired food for free.

When we were doing community service, it wasn’t very fun, but I kept telling myself that this is for the kids who don’t have money to eat over the weekends. I would just imagine what it would be like to only eat a very small portion over the weekend and I would keep working hard.


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