Community Service By Nathan G.

Twice a year our school has a day dedicated to our community. This is where we spend half the day doing school work and the other half going into the community to help make it better. This is from laying down mulch to helping out at a thrift shop. My advisory went to a public school down the road to be teachers’ assistants for half the day. A few of us went and helped with kindergarteners while others were scattered around the school. Mathew, Tanner, and I went to the fifth to help a teacher. First, very briefly, we helped proofread the children’s books they were writing. We then went back to the class to grade tests for two hours. I have to say and the others would agree, it was not the most fun thing in the world! But it did bring a new appreciation for my teachers! We then went out for recess for the last few minutes. It was not the most enjoyable experience for me but I heard from others that they had a great time helping out with the kindergarteners!

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Community Service #2 by Katie C.

Photo Drawn by Katie C.

At Durham Academy we do community service. We did community service for the second time this school year. My advisory went to the Durham Rescue Mission Thrift Shop. There we sorted though cloths to make the color and sizes right. We would go through all the cloths and put the colors with each other. A few of my friends and I sorted one rack together. We help the people by making it easier for them to shop. We got to help people who do not have as much as us, and that made my feel good about myself. I love to help people and community service is a great way to do it. That is what I did for Community Service.


Community Service by Dylan J.

Picture from Flickr Storm.

On Wednesday my advisory helped put mulch around our campus and plant flowers. This was an interesting experience for some people in my advisory because they had never mulched. The girls went and planted flowers that my teacher had while the boys went to help the maintenance crew put mulch around trees to help them grow and get water. After putting mulch around all the trees the boys helped sort the lost and found clothing. After everybody in my advisory finished what they were doing we got to have study hall for 25 minutes until the school day ended.


Community Service by Shaylen A.

During this community service my advisory and I went to Brueggers Bagel then we came back and decorated pumpkins! After we decorated the pumpkins we went to the Duke Children’s Hospital. While arriving at the hospital I was thinking about what conditions these kids are in. When we arrived to the children’s art of the hospital we sat where our tour guide told us to where we heard everything about the hospital that we wanted to know. I heard some of the problems that the kids had and it made me very sad because I was thankful I did not have any of those problems. When we put the pumpkins down I felt happy that I was making a kid or two happy. After the tour I drove back with my friends, my mom, and my friend’s mom. When we got to my house I walked in with a good deed smile.

Photo by David Glass

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