Community Service by Michael J

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

Yesterday we spent the day doing community service. My group went pick sweet potatoes through the Society of St. Andrew. We picked the sweet potatoes from the dirt, put them in bags, and put the bags in a truck. We were picking them for people who don’t have enough money to buy food. It is called gleaning. It felt good to know we were helping people who weren’t as fortunate as us. My group picked 110 bags and each bag held about ten pounds of potatoes, so overall my group picked about 1,100 pounds of potatoes. Everyone worked really hard and helped out picking potatoes.

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I Am Proud Of by Michael J.

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I am proud of pitching a no hitter because it is a really hard thing to do and it takes a lot of focus. I pitched it in Oxford against a team called the Fire Antz. We won in four innings because we were winning by 12 runs. I was subbing for a team called the Thunder and I also hit a home run that day.


iPads by Michael J

This year people are very excited about the new iPads. The whole middle school got them for school purposes. They are helpful because we use less paper, it decreases our trips to the labs, and they are fun to use. I prefer to use iPads for taking notes and doing written homework, but some people still like to use paper.

The technology people have done a really great job setting them up. People think iPads are like portable computers, but they are a little bit different. Computers are easier to use for typing and can print documents. Also, I think computers are easier to use because the touch screen of an iPad can have some glitches. A few ways to help that though is to get a bluetooth keyboard, which you can match to your iPad, or a stylus, which limits touching your iPad. At school, now we have the option of the iPad and paper for most things. I would like the school to eventually have the option of using iPads and paper for everything.

An annoying thing about the iPads is the notifications and the keyboard clicks during class. There is a way to turn it off but not everyone has. In my opinion the iPads are helpful and useful but they can be distracting. I am excited to see what people will think of them.


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