Michael J and Michael S’s top 10 Basketball Shoes of the Year

10. In our rankings, we have decided that the CP3 6s are the tenth best shoes. They are Jordan brand and are the signature shoe of Chris Paul. Most commonly found in blue and red for the Clippers, these shoes are low top and have a zig zag pattern.

9. Ranking at number nine, are the Nike Hyperdisruptors. These shoes are some of the newest on the market and are worn by stars such as Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green. These shoes are hightops and are usually a solid color or a solid color with white.

8. The eighth shoes in our rankings are the D Rose 3.5s. They are adidas shoes and are the shoes of Derrick Rose who is currently injured. He wears red and black shoes because he plays for the bulls. They are high top shoes and are some of the best adidas shoes of the year.

7. At number seven are the Nike Hyperfuse low tops. These shoes aren’t too popular in the NBA, but are worn by college players such as Amile Jefferson of Duke. These shoes are very lightweight and offer good agility.

6. The 6th best shoe of the year are the high top Nike Hyperdunks. These shoes are very popular in college and the NBA, and have a unique design from the last years hyperdunks. They provide good cushioning for the feet and feature the fly wire design.

5. The fifth best shoes of the year are the Jordan Superfly Lows. These shoes are extremely agile, and lightweight, often coming in black and red. These shoes are some of the hottest Jordan’s of the year. They are worn by Kevin Martin of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Maya Moore in the WNBA and many more.

At number four, are the classic Nike Penny 5s. They are the shoes of Penny Hardaway, a player for the Magic in the 1990s. These classics are worn by players around the country such as Tyler Thornton and Rasheed Sulaimon.

The number three shoes are the Kobe 8s. These low top shoes are quick and agile worn by Kobe Bryant. These shoes have a classic pattern and a snake pattern and many players favor these shoes such as many of the Wichita State Shockers, Kobe Bryant and Michael S a.k.a The Mamba.

At number two, are the Kd Vs. These shoes are the fifth shoe that Kevin Durant has produced. The original KD Vs are high tops, but Nike has come out with the low top versions. They are worn by players such as Quinn Cook, Tyler Thornton, and Michael J.

And the number one shoes of the year are the… Lebron Xs. These shoes are Lebron James’ shoes. These shoes are worn all around the country, by players like Rasheed Sulaimon, Seth Curry, Mason Plumlee, and pros such as Eric Bledsoe. These shoes are hightops but Nike has recently released the low top versions. These shoes are some of the best Lebrons that have come.


Jack Taylor by Michael J







On Tuesday, November 20, Jack Taylor dropped a new record amount of points; with 138! Taylor is a player for Grinnell, a division III team in Iowa. Bevo Francis of Rio Grande had the NCAA scoring record with 113 points 1954. In 1953, he also had 116 in a different game. Frank Selvy was the first to reach triple figures with 100 in 1954. The thing is Taylor is only 5 foot 10 and weighs 170 pounds. In the game he was 52-108 for field goals, 27-71 for 3-pointers, and 7-10 for free throws, an undersized basketball player. He broke the previous Grinnell record of  89. He had three rebounds, three steals and no assists. Grinnell went on to win 179 to 104 over Faith Baptist, but the surprising the thing was David Larson of Faith Baptist scored 70 points. In the NBA, the most points scored in a game was 100 by Wilt Chamberlan. Taylor got a little bit of a bad rap because Hepplewhite were saying he was a ball hog, but he said that his teammates were trying to get him the ball because they knew he had a chance at the record.

Basketball by Shaylen







Basketball is one of my favorite sports! I am not the best at it but I enjoy it very much. My favorite college basketball team is the North Carolina Tar Heels! I go to every game with my mom and dad. Some of the fundamentals of the game are if you knock someone down while they are up in the air that maybe a foul if the ref sees it. If they make the shot while being fouled they will shoot one free throw at the free throw line. If they miss the shot in the air they get to shoot two free throw shots in the air. One other rule is you can’t trip someone on purpose or it will be a technical foul which means the get to shoot the ball two times and get the ball back after that no matter what.

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I Am Proud of the Time We Won the Championship by Michael S

I am proud of winning the championship in basketball. We went undefeated in the preseason and were the preseason champions. Next we had the real championship. We won our first playoff game, we knocked the team out of the playoffs. Our next game was against a good team. I told my friend Shaffer we have a big game today. We had a player who was not going to be there which was one of our best players. It was a tough game but we won. We made it to the championship. It was against one of my friends, Ben M’s, team. It came down to the last second but we won the championship and I was so proud of myself.