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Basketball is one of my favorite sports! I am not the best at it but I enjoy it very much. My favorite college basketball team is the North Carolina Tar Heels! I go to every game with my mom and dad. Some of the fundamentals of the game are if you knock someone down while they are up in the air that maybe a foul if the ref sees it. If they make the shot while being fouled they will shoot one free throw at the free throw line. If they miss the shot in the air they get to shoot two free throw shots in the air. One other rule is you can’t trip someone on purpose or it will be a technical foul which means the get to shoot the ball two times and get the ball back after that no matter what.

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5 thoughts on “Basketball by Shaylen

  1. Nice post, I like everything BUT the Tar Heels. Sorry to burst your bubble, but go Michigan State!

  2. @19fred Cool I think the Spartans are a good team
    Lets see how they to this year. Also were you born in Michigan?

  3. @19shaylen, No, but my brother was. And my mom went to MSU for medical school for a year or two. Ranked 15!!!!

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