Lady Or The Tiger by Michael J

The Lady Or The Tiger

In awe, I stood before the door on the right. I lifted my hand to grab the right door handle. I began to wonder what the princess would want for me. There seemed to be a coldness in her face when she pointed to the right door. I decided to block that out, and hope for the best.

Behind the left door, the maiden waited for the door to open and have handsome me for herself. The maiden resented the princess which is why she was excited to steal her lover away. The maiden knew the princess wouldn’t be able to handle watching me die. So she would tell me to open the left door. The maiden knew all of this.

I decided to listen to the princess. I opened the right door and stopped with shivers rushing through my veins. I stood motionless in front of the tiger, eyes wide. Why had the princess told me to open this door? I tried to run but the tiger was much faster than me, and soon the tiger had me in its mouth and bit in. Blood rushed from my chest, and I expected the worst but strangely the tiger didn’t approach. It actually just walked away. I knew I would die by either the tiger coming back to finish me off, or losing too much blood. Nevertheless, I tried to hang on to my life. I was missing part of my left arm and was bleeding to death. I then understood why the princess had pointed to that door. There is no point in living if you feel incomplete. I allowed myself to smile for the last time, and slowly closed my eyes.


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