Lady or the Tiger by Jenny

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In the LA Blue class, we read a story called the Lady or the Tiger, and it was about a man who wanted the lady behind one door but the tiger was behind the other door and he had two doors to choose from, but he didn’t know which one to chose. So, everyone in my class made an ending to the story about what they thought would happen, and here is my part:

The young, desperate, and handsome man walked down the aisle deciding which door to open. Both of the doors looked exactly the same, so he couldn’t decide which door he was going to open. But, the semi-barbaric princess waved her hand to the right to tell the man to open the right door. The lady really did not like the man because her father, the luxurious king, disagreed that they should get married. The beautiful and wonderful lady always went by her father’s rules. The lady was behind the left door.

From a long, long time ago in that kingdom, all of the servants, peasants, the king and the queen, the princess and the prince, and other fellow workers had a talent show. Once it was the lady’s turn at the talent show, she did a tiger’s growl and roar. She sounded so much like a tiger, so from that day on she was known as the tiger woman because of her outstanding roar.

Since the lady really did not like the man, she did her tiger roar and growled so loud that she really did sound like the tiger. The lady tricked the man into thinking that the tiger was behind the left door so the man would open the right door and not get the lady. As the man was opening the right door he saw the tiger he shouted, “YOU TRICKED ME”. After the man had opened the door with the tiger he was stuck with the tiger behind that door, until the tiger ate him.

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