Highlight of Sixth Grade By Shaylen A.


In 6th grade I have some major fun highlights, but if I had to pick one it will Camp Cheerio because it was a social time, a play time and much more. Also, the food was not bad I have to say. My favorite part of this camp was the canoeing even though it rained and we didn’t have much time. I was steering the boat and my friend Neil was powering it. I had a whole lot of fun and I will remember this camp for a while.

Mudslide and Zip-lining by: Jinger

I have to admit I had the best time possible at Camp Cheerio! More than any other 6th grader at Durham Academy! All it took was a little time settling in to the new schedule. My favorite activity was mudslide and zip lining! That’s what really completed my experience at Cheerio! First we started out with canoeing. Although my partners and I got stuck on every rock we laid eyes on we still made it to the end! We did a bunch ofactivities.  After we had done everything else and it was the last day we got to do mud slide and zip lining. First we got to do the zip lining! I was so excited it was a quarter mile zip! As a watched all my friends go by on the zip line saying how much fun it was I was ready for my turn. When it was finally my turn I had to admit I was a little afraid. Next thing you thing you know I was flying in the air screaming at the top of my lungs. Before I knew it it was over! The best 10 seconds of my life! Of course I had to go again. Sadly I only got to go two times. If I  thought that was a little frightening I was in for a big ride with the mudslide! I was not going to go until my classmates insisted. Once I saw a couple people do it I decided to go. Forgetting my bathing suit at home I was up next. With everyone cheering behind me and my friend at the end of the mud slide screaming my name I closed my eyes and hopped right in! Mud and water covering my face, all I could do is scream. Bumpy rocks beneath me going so fast! BOOM! There I was at the end of the slide sitting is a big pond of mud. Falling face first I got up. All I could do is laugh. As I walked up with my friend we decided that was the best time we ever had. Going again and again I  lost track. At the end I was glad that I got to go to Champ Cheerio and did all these fun activities!



Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

Camp Cheerio by Franny

At Camp Cheerio my favorite activities were: the zip-line, the mudslide, the climbing, ropes course, and the archery (the last three were all together). At the zip-line, I was a bit afraid at first because I’m not the best with heights, but once I did it, I was so glad I did. It was AWESOME! I did it several times and I loved it. It got better every time I went. Camp Cheerio was so fun. At archery, I did OK but I wasn’t the best. I got about four on the target. Every time I left an activity I was really sad that it was over and then I would completely forget about it for a while while I was doing yet another really fun activity. The cabins were great (even if the showers were freezing!) and I had a great time. At the end of the last activity, hiking, I was really sad because I knew that right after we had lunch back at the camp we would be leaving. I was glad to see my family and all, but I really liked Camp Cheerio. I want to go back soon!!!

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

Camp Cheerio by Nathan

That was such a fun trip! The whole point of it was to get to know a bunch of friends. It was perfect for me because I’m new and I had three solid days to make friends instead of  squeezing it in with classes. The friends I had before camp I got to know even better and I know almost everyone now! Some of the activities included- rope courses, canoeing, mudslide, zip line, hiking Stone Mountain, archery, and many more!

The nights were just as fun as day activities. For the two nights we were there we split up into two groups by advisories (kind of like homeroom) and either went to campfire stories or energizer. I had campfire stories the first night. The second night of course I had energizers which was one of the most fun things there for me because I’m super enthusiastic. Therefore my friend and I went all out dancing and on all the activities. Finally, I ended up on the stage with the two counselors that were teaching the dances right when the whole 6th grade walked in and I was having a blast dancing to Party Rock. Next summer I am so going back!

Me at the top of the vertical playpen

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

Camp Cheerio by Will P

I had a lot of fun at Camp Cheerio! I especially enjoyed the mudslide, zip-line, lake slide, and playing basketball. Although it rained during my trip to the mudslide and zip-line, I had a good time. Also, I loved playing Ollie Ollie Octopus and doing the energizers. I had no idea that I would end up loving them! My favorite dance was definitely Ice Cream and Cake. I did the hike on the first day and it was very exhausting. I ran out of water before I got to the top of the mountain. I think that the food at Camp Cheerio was a lot better than the food at Camp Thunderbird! During the trip, I renewed old friendships and made new ones too.

Mud Slide

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

Canoeing at Camp Cheerio by Jack H

If you are going to canoe at Camp Cheerio you should bring a pair of water shoes or old tennis shoes. You should bring old clothes or a bathing suit because you will get wet. When I went it was raining so I got really wet.  In the beginning there were some cows and sometimes they went into the water.  There were a lot of rocks in the water so don’t think you are bad just because you hit a lot of rocks. If you go canoeing at Camp Cheerio have fun!



photo by Mrs. Donnelly

Zip-lining at Cheerio by Sylvia

Zip-lining at Camp Cheerio was really fun. It was also really high, which made it even more fun. I thought most of our time was gone by the time we finished putting harnesses on and talking about all the rules, and the hill was very steep, but that wasn’t much of a problem. Actually, we had plenty of time, even though I only got to go twice. While I was on the zip-line, I felt like I was flying, but of course, that’s not possible. Then I tried leaning backwards. That was really fun. Unfortunately, I was the first one that didn’t get to go three times, so I just waited for everyone to come down. I was sad to leave the zip-line, but then I had the mud slide to look forward to.

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly


The Zip-Line at Cheerio by Lana K.

The zip-line at Cheerio was rushing. When in the air I felt like I was flying, although the quarter mile hike up was not enjoyable. The first time, I hiked up, waited my turn, and got strapped in. Cluck, the man working at Cheerio Adventures, was eager to get us off of the hill and hanging, but at first I was hesitant. It was so fun even though I only went twice. As When I was resting after my second time, it was hilarious getting to watch my classmates do funny poses in the air and watching my friend Joy make cool flower necklaces. The zip-line at Cheerio was so much fun. It makes me want to go back next summer!

zip line

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly


Series Review Davi: Fablehaven by Brandon Mull


I’m going to review the series Fablehaven by Brandon Mull. I like this series because the suspense in the books is really good. I also like how Mull adds a whole different reality to our “normal” reality. It makes you wonder, are we really alone in this world? If not, then are the other being(s) sharing the world with us friendly or hostile? Mull creates this whole world that none of the main characters even imagined was real, and then hits them in the face with the news. “Hey, all the creatures that you have ever heard of in myths and legends are real. Have a nice day!!” I especially love the suspense at the end of his books. Mull ends with something crucial, like one of the main characters dying, or getting kidnapped, or the main antagonist in the series is suddenly free from his/her unbreakable prison. In conclusion, I hope you love this series as much as I did. But if you don’t, post a comment on this blog post explaining why.

Camp Cheerio Canoeing by Julia K

Canoeing at Camp Cheerio caused me and the two other girls from my advisory a lot of trouble. It seemed like we hit every single rock in that river and I think that we caused the counselors a lot of trouble also because they had to tow us behind them for a while. I still had a good time even if we finished the canoe trip 45 minutes behind everyone else.


photo by Mrs. Donnelly