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  1. Shaffer Woody at |

    I love canoeing!

  2. Grace at |

    Julia, at least you weren’t the last canoe to finish.

  3. Ellie at |

    Yeah but you didn’t have to wait for everybody to come in.

  4. Bella K. at |

    But it was fun though, wasn’t it?

  5. 19warbington at |

    I got stuck on every rock too. It was fun with my very “helpful” partner.

  6. 19sylvia at |

    Isn’t it better to be canoeing longer than everybody else?😄

  7. Jenny Drury at |

    Canoeing was very fun but Catherine and I got stuck on almost every single rock! It was fun but annoying 😉

  8. 19bella at |

    Yup! We all almost fell out of it every time! XD

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