Camp Cheerio Canoeing by Julia K

Canoeing at Camp Cheerio caused me and the two other girls from my advisory a lot of trouble. It seemed like we hit every single rock in that river and I think that we caused the counselors a lot of trouble also because they had to tow us behind them for a while. I still had a good time even if we finished the canoe trip 45 minutes behind everyone else.


photo by Mrs. Donnelly

9 thoughts on “Camp Cheerio Canoeing by Julia K

  1. Canoeing was very fun but Catherine and I got stuck on almost every single rock! It was fun but annoying 😉

  2. Canoeing was really fun but we definitely had a hard time. Bella enjoyed hopping out of the canoe every single time we got stuck (which was a lot) and trying to push us (which usually didn’t work) and then we had to get the counselors to attach us to their canoe. We really struggled on that trip.

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