My Brain by Will P


In this picture you can see my brain. Well, not my actual brain, but it shows what goes on in my brain. In my brain you can find basketball, soccer, lax, Patrick, LeBron, music, rap, rappers, and Cedar Point. These are all things that I like and think about a lot. Around the edges of the brain is my Life List. In the Life List you can see things such as, walk on the moon and go the Super Bowl. The Life List is simply things that I want to do or accomplish during my lifetime. As you can see, I think a lot about sports, theme parks, and music.

iPads by Will P

Photo taken by me of Fred’s iPad

This year my school began using iPads. Personally, I thought that the iPads were pretty good although I think that having MacBook Airs would be so much better! Using the iPads has been fun but it would be a lot faster typing on the laptop or even writing for that matter. When you are taking notes you need to be able to do it quickly so iPads can be a negative in that sense.

I have used my iPad mostly in spanish and Language Arts. In spanish I did homework and took notes with my iPad. In Language Arts I have used it in many different ways, from writing stories to blogging. I feel like the iPads expand the things that we can do, for example, blogging. We could never blog on paper. The iPads have been pretty good and fun to use although it has its positives and negatives.


Membean by Will P

Screenshot of my dashboard by me.

This year in Language Arts, along with using the usual weekly vocabulary, we have also been using Membean. Membean is a fun way to learn vocabulary online! I really like the method that Membean uses. Every once in a while they teach you new words all the while keeping old words fresh in your mind. I have come a long way with Membean. I started off in level one and now I am in level two. Last night when I was watching Jeopardy, one of the answers that I got right was a word I had learned on Membean. My Language Arts class wrote letters to the developer and he said that he will email each and every one of us back! I have enjoyed using Membean this year.


First Shared Memory by Will P

If I were the Giver and I were to train Jonas, the first memory I would give away would be the memory of my last trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. This would be the first memory I would give away because it is probably my favorite memory. I would want to start Jonas off with an awesome and a very fun memory even though I wouldn’t be able to have it anymore. I wouldn’t care that I wouldn’t have it anymore because I have been to Universal (and other theme parks) many times. Also, I will go to these places again and I will go to theme parks I have never been to. I would simply want to ease Jonas into the process by starting him off with something very fun.

Photo from Flickrstorm


The Ideal Teacher by Will P

To me, the ideal teacher would be one that uses the Señor Glass method. Señor Glass is my spanish teacher. His method is that he usually gives us at least two pop quizzes a week. I really like this method because it makes you have to study every night because you never know if there will be a quiz the next day. This is a very good way to see which students are on top of it and which ones are not. I really like the idea of keeping the students on their toes. Also, I feel like this is much better than giving a huge test to the students. That is what I think an ideal teacher would do.


Community Service Will P

Ms. Johnson’s advisory went to the Spring Arbor nursing home on Wednesday for community service. Spring Arbor nursing home is an old peoples home. I enjoyed the visit because of the satisfaction at the end of the day that I had brought some sunshine into a lonely old person’s day. Also, it was neat talking to them because now they just look like frail old people but it is amazing what they did back in the day. For example, one of the two people I was talking with played basketball at Syracuse. She then became an art teacher and she saw the integration of whites and blacks happening. The other person I talked to was funny. She was talking about painting my nose green! I had fun helping her paint a flower pot. Overall, I had a good experience at the Spring Arbor nursing home.


“The Giver” By Will P

In my language arts class at school we are currently reading “The Giver” by Lois Lowry. In “The Giver” each kid is given an assignment at the ceremony of twelve. When I say assignment I mean a job. Their assignments are given to them by the elders. The elders know what the each kid’s assignment should be because they have been watching the kids their whole life.

If I were to be given an assignment I hope/think it may be the president. I think this because I am very smart and I am good at interacting with people. These are two important qualities to being the president. That is what I hope/think that I would get if I were given an assignment like the children in “The Giver”.


Westing Game Will P

In The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin, there are some characters that I like and some that I do not like. One character that I like and feel sympathy for is Theo Theodorakis. I feel sympathy for him because he takes care for his brother, Chris, a lot. You have got to feel bad for a senior who has to spend a lot of his time caring for his sick younger brother. Other than that, I also like Theo because he seems to be a pretty like able person.

Sydelle Pulaski is an example of a character that I do not like. I do not like Sydelle because she is always going out of her way to get attention. I think she really took it to the extreme when she faked an injury and got crutches. I think that is too much because people will worry about you if you are hurt and people will waist there time caring for you. Those are a few examples of my opinions on the characters in The Westing Game.


My Hero by Will P

My hero is my dad. He is my hero for many different reasons including how he is smart, funny, and caring. When I grow up I want to be like my dad because he has a great family, a happy life, and a great job. His family includes my mom, brother, sister, and me. Also, we have two dogs. Another thing about my hero is that he has achieved many things during his lifetime. A key achievement was becoming the Chief of Urology at UNC. My hero has impacted my life by helping me be a better person is different ways from a better basketball player to a better person.

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Talk To Your Teen by Will P

In Cosmic, a book by Frank Cotrell Boyce, Liam pretends to be Florida’s dad on a trip although they are both only kids. Liam gets away with it because he is tall and “stubbly.” Liam brings Talk To Your Teen, which is a book that he uses to help him pretend to be a better dad.

I think that it is important to talk to your teen about things that they enjoy. Examples of this are sports, video games, reading, etc. It is also important to do things with your teen. For example, playing sports with them, playing video games with them, watching sports with them, etc.

I wrote about doing fun activities and talking about enjoyable things with your teen because this is what my parents do. They play sports with me and watch sports with me. My dad even plays sports video games with my brother and me.

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