“The Giver” By Will P

In my language arts class at school we are currently reading “The Giver” by Lois Lowry. In “The Giver” each kid is given an assignment at the ceremony of twelve. When I say assignment I mean a job. Their assignments are given to them by the elders. The elders know what the each kid’s assignment should be because they have been watching the kids their whole life.

If I were to be given an assignment I hope/think it may be the president. I think this because I am very smart and I am good at interacting with people. These are two important qualities to being the president. That is what I hope/think that I would get if I were given an assignment like the children in “The Giver”.


5 thoughts on ““The Giver” By Will P

  1. Will I like your idea about wanting to become the president in your society. Nice work!

  2. I think you would be a good politician. You are good at arguing, and at helping people.

  3. If you were running for president, I would probably vote for you. You would be a great politician!

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