Stylus for iPad by Finn M.

We had three choices of stylus to vote for Bamboo, Amazon Basic and, Cosmonaut. I had two favorites my first was the Cosmonaut except it was too big to carry around so my other favorite was the Bamboo because it was lighter. The Cosmonaut was more fun to draw with. The Amazon Basic was really bad it stuck to the screen and the tip always looked like it was going to fall off.

Apps for Next Year Finn M.

The apps for next year that I think are going to be most useful are All of the drawing apps. I think all of the drawing apps are good for next year because they are good for taking notes, drawing, and proofreading. They are good for taking notes because you can add pictures or draw pictures to describe your drawing. They are good for drawing probably because they are drawing apps. They are good for proofreading because you can export a picture, underline it, or highlight it, and if you mess up you can erase it. Some of the apps that I am talking about are: Penultimate, Skitch, Sketchbookx, and Paperport Notes.

What I Learned About iPads by Finn

My friend and I did a project on what to do and not to do with IPAD. We had some problems when we did it. Luckily for us there was one big problem we could not fit our movie in to an email! The movie was on the computer so we burned it on to a disc. I am glad my mom wanted to see the movie or we would have not had it at school the next day. It was my mom’s idea to put it on the disc. Here are some ways not to use  your IPAD:







The iPads by Finn

I have learned a lot about iPads since the pilot started like how to use all the apps and the short cuts to different things. I like the iPads but I liked DA without the technology better. I like writing my homework down, reading books made out of paper (I don’t like reading on the iPads but reading on a Nook is fine!) and sometimes looking at the iPads for too long will make my eyes hurt! Ipads can be useful but I would rather just pull out the laptop cart and do it on that! I like technology but I don’t like using the iPads in the pilot program!

Family Game by Finn M.

Letters from fickrcc put together by Finn

Letters from fickrcc put together by Finn

A game that relates to my life is Scrabble or Words With Friends. In Scrabble and Words With Friends you put one word down and it starts to branch out until the game stops and you start all over again. That is like a week for me I start the week with school I get homework, learn things, and see my friends. Then the weekend comes and I do all the things I like to do, like sports. The weekend is like the end of the game, it is easy but exciting!

If I Woke And I Was An Adult I Would……. Finn M.

By finn m.

If I woke and I was an adult I would go back to sleep. The next thing I would do is go down the stairs turn on the T.V. and make sure everything was ok for everyone else in the world. It was so I would go back up to my room, get in bed and for dramatic effect I would “wake up”, look at myself and scream. Then before my brothers could look at me and make fun of me, I’d try to find some clothes that fit me. Next, I would run out of the house get in my mom’s car drive to the doctors and find out how to become a kid again. And live my life!!!!!!!!!!!

Doodling Finn M.

Do you like to doodle ever in the middle of class? Well sometimes I do and it actually helps me pay attention most of the time. A lot of the time people who would rather be outside playing than inside will fidget or draw. That can help them pay attention because they are moving. Some people will actually  fidget enough to burn a lot of calories!

finn m.

drawing finn m.