iPads by Michiko

At the beginning of the school year, Durham Academy gave each student an iPad. The iPads were for school work only and at the end of the year the iPads were all turned in. Throughout this year I have used my iPad so much. I write all of my homework down on it and use it to email my teachers if I am absent, but the most helpful thing on the iPad is an app called Evernote.

Evernote is an app that you can take notes in but in addition to that your teachers can share a notebook of theirs with you so that you can get things like vocabulary lists that they put in their notebook. In just about every class Evernote is used. If you forget to write down your homework you can find it in Evernote.

In every class I use my iPad at least a little bit. In science, instead of my teacher collecting our homework and grading it he makes a short multiple choice quiz that you can use your homework on. It only has things that are on your homework. It is in an app called Nearpod.

We do projects on our iPads too! For projects we use more than one app. For example, if I was doing a Keynote presentation I would use Keynote, Reminders to remind me to do it, Safari, Camera, Sketchbook Express, and Easybib. My iPad has been very helpful during the year.


iPads by Grace

At the beginning of this year we were given iPads. I found the iPads very helpful, especially in Language Arts class because we use the iPads in that class the most. They really helped because we could stay in class instead of having to sign up for the computer lab. I also found the iPads helpful for homework and projects because it has very helpful apps. The iPad was also useful to me for studying because I can easily reach Quizlet, and the iPads have the Voice Cards app. I think sometimes the iPads can be a distraction for many people whether they email others during class, play games during class, or distract the class when your iPad is making a noise. Overall though I liked the iPads.