Using the Stylus By Kayla B

I don’t really have a favorite stylus. I like the Bamboo because it is kind of like a pencil and it is easy to use. One thing I don’t like about it is that it is kind of heavy. I like the Amazon Basic because it is similar to the one I have and it is small and easy to use. I also like it because you can probably store it in your iPad case. I like the way the Cosmonaut writes but I think it is just to big and it would be hard to carry everywhere.



Top 5 Apps I like to Use By Kayla B



A few apps I like to use on my iPad are Draw Something, Words With Friends, Hanging With Friends, Reminders, and MindMeister. Draw Something is a game you can play with your friends if they have the app. It is where you have three word choices, each worth a different amount of coins, and pick one to draw. When you get a certain amount of coins you can buy new colors to draw with. After you draw your choice, your friend has to try and guess what your drawing is. If they don’t know what it is, they hit pass and your turn starts all over. Another app I like to use is called Words With Friends. Words With Friends is another game you can play with your friends and it is a lot like scrabble. You have seven letters and you have to make a word on the playing board. My third top favorite app is Hanging With Friends. Hanging With Friends is made by the same people who made Words With Friends. It’s like a twist on hangman. One player makes a word when they have twelve letters, but the word can only be eight letters long. Then the second player has to guess your word. Each player has five balloons and each time they guess a word wrong they lose a balloon. The first person to lose all of their balloons loses the game. Reminders is an app that comes with the iPad. I like reminders because it helps you remember important things. It can remind you of tests, quizzes, and special events that might be going on. The last app that I like to use is MindMeister. We use MindMeister in class a lot for The Giver. It is a way that you can organize your notes and put them in different categories. These are my top five favorite apps.


If I Were The Giver by Kayla

If I were The Giver I would give Jonas the memory of fire. I would give him the memory of fire because it could give him a feeling of pain or it could give him a good feeling. It could give him a feeling of pain because he could do the wrong thing and hurt himself with the fire. Or it could give him a good feeling if he’s cold in the snow and he could warm up. I would also show him what could create fires with things like sticks or matches.


My Giver Assignment by Kayla B

I think my assignment in The Giver would be a Nurturer. I think so because ever since I was young I have loved taking care of babies. When my little cousin was born I was seven years old and I loved playing with him and helping take care of him. I have also recently had a chance to take care of my baby sister. She is growing so fast and she is adorable. These are the reasons why I think my assignment would be a Nurturer.

Using the iPad2 So Far By Kayla

Science Notes

Made by Kayla in science class using the Notes app

I have mainly been using the iPad for recording homework and doing schoolwork. An app I like to use is called Notes. I like this app because it allows you to type, highlight, and draw while you take notes. It has helped me during science class the most. Another app I like to use is reminders. It helps me with recording homework and I can remind myself when I have quizzes or tests. One last app I enjoy using is the app. Whenever I need to look up a definition it is right there for me to use. The iPad is a very helpful and useful tool and I am very glad that they are available for us to use.

Taboo by Kayla

Taboo Cards

From flickerCC

When my family gets together we all play a game called Taboo. Taboo is a game where there are two different teams and one person from the team has a card with a word that they have to describe. Under the word there are five different words relating to the word you have to describe. It sounds harder than it actually is. The catch is that you can’t use any of those five words. If you do use one of them a person from the opposite team has a buzzer in their hand and they buzz you so you have to go on to the next card. For example, if it is my turn and the card I have says crayon on it, the five words under it might be Crayola, wax, paper, coloring, and pictures. That is how you play Taboo.

If I Were an Adult by Kayla

Long Road Trip

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I woke up this morning to a beautiful summer day with birds chirping and trees blowing in the wind. I thought to myself, I feel like going to LA. Thats exactly what I did. I packed my bags, called some of my friends, and said, “Everybody we are going to LA.” Ten minutes later, I had four of my friends with giant suitcases and big sunglasses covering their faces standing at my front doorstep. We were ready for a super long road trip. When we got to Los Angeles I suggested going to a Lakers game and that’s what we did. The Lakers won the game versus the Miami Heat and we got to meet Kobe Bryant and all of the other Lakers players. We decided we would stay there for a few more days and it turned out that Justin Bieber was at our hotel. We had a chance to have dinner with him that night and when we got back in town it was the conversation of the year.

The Past vs. the Future by Kayla B.

The Royal Wedding

From flickrCC

Today in Language Arts we saw a touching video about different events that had happened in the year of 2011. Some of the things in the video make you feel so greatful. It helps you see from other people’s prospectives. Some things in the video include the troops coming home, the tsunami in japan, Steve Jobs, and the Royal Wedding. So many natural disasters have happened in this world and some of us were not even close to being hurt. That is what makes me thankful. So many great things have happened too and I am looking forward to many more in the year 2012.

Summer Reading by Kayla

In the beginning of 2011 we made booklets with information about a book of our choice. On the front we wrote our name and drew a picture we thought described the book. We also wrote the title of the book and the author’s name. On the inside we wrote a book review about the book we read. My book was Maniac Magee. Maniac Magee is a book about a boy who had great adventures and found a new friend along the way.

Maniac Magee

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly Illustration by Kayla B