If I Were an Adult by Kayla

Long Road Trip

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I woke up this morning to a beautiful summer day with birds chirping and trees blowing in the wind. I thought to myself, I feel like going to LA. Thats exactly what I did. I packed my bags, called some of my friends, and said, “Everybody we are going to LA.” Ten minutes later, I had four of my friends with giant suitcases and big sunglasses covering their faces standing at my front doorstep. We were ready for a super long road trip. When we got to Los Angeles I suggested going to a Lakers game and that’s what we did. The Lakers won the game versus the Miami Heat and we got to meet Kobe Bryant and all of the other Lakers players. We decided we would stay there for a few more days and it turned out that Justin Bieber was at our hotel. We had a chance to have dinner with him that night and when we got back in town it was the conversation of the year.

4 thoughts on “If I Were an Adult by Kayla

  1. That sounds awesome, although it does not sound very realistic, but I don’t care. Who would pass up a chance to meet their favorite celebrities? Great writing Kayla, I like your description of the summer morning in which you woke up. You used good details.

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