The Giver Assignment by Keenan W

In language arts class, we are reading a book called The Giver. In this book, each person in the community is given an assignment at the ceremony of Twelve. An assignment is like a job. If I got an assignment at the ceremony of Twelve, I think that it would be an Engineer. I really like to design things and I would enjoy designing buildings and other things and then seeing what they look like when they are finished. This would probably be the best job for me if I lived in this community.


My Assignment By Katie C.

Photo drawn by Katie.

In Language Arts we are reading the book The Giver, and at age twelve the kids are given an Assignment. I think my Assignment would be nurturer. A nurturer is a person who cares for he newborn babies until they are given to the families. I think I would be a nurturer because I love kids and babies. I think it will be fun to care for babies. That is what I think my Assignment would be.

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What I Would Be Assigned by Noah






In Language Arts class we just started reading The Giver, so far from what we have read, in the book there is a community where everything is “perfect”; no war, no fear and no choices. When a group of kids turns 12 there is a ceremony. In this ceremony you are assigned a job which you will do for the rest of your life.

If I was in The Giver I think I would get the role of doctor when I turn twelve. This is because I am very skilled with my hands because of the hours of piano I do each day. I also do very well in all of my subjects in school and can understand a lot of things.

The Giver Assignments by Alex P.

In our class we are reading “The Giver” by Lois Lowry. If I were given an Assignment I think that the Elders would select the job of Doctor (not surgeon!) for me. I believe they would because I enjoy taking care of people, learning remedies on my own, and making my own concoctions (although I don’t make medical ones, I don’t have the equipment. They also have to be certified to give a concoction to a person). I can also study for long periods of time already, which is important because doctors have to go through a lot of medical training, and have a pretty good memory. However, I get sick easily but would hopefully grow out of it.


The Giver Assignment By Davi

I think that my assignment would be author. I would be an author because I love to read and write. I read whenever possible. Even though I am a very picky reader, I always find something to read that interests me. Writing is something that interests me greatly. I write with my friends Ryan and David, during LA class, recess, tutorial, and even French class. Writing is my passion, and I think that I would be a great author. That is why I think that the Elders would assign me the job of author.


Job Assignment by Anna W.






Photo by Anna

In language arts we are reading The Giver. At age twelve kids in The Giver get their job assignments. If I were to be assigned a job I would like it to be a baker. This is because in my free time I enjoy baking new things and sharing them with my family. I love seeing their faces when they try the baked goods I make. I would like to be known for my baking just like my mom is known for her cheese! I enjoy baking very much because it is like a puzzle. It is like a puzzle because you are putting all the ingredients together like puzzle pieces. Also, my family says I’m a sweet tooth! It makes sense that I love to bake because I am a picky eater and don’t like certain things that are in many main courses. For example, I won’t eat anything with onions in it! Baking inspires me to try new foods and be creative with the process. I would definitely hope baking would be my assigned job in the community!

The Giver By: Isha

In L.A we are reading The Giver. After reading chapters 2,3 and 4 our teacher asked us what we thought our assignment would be. If I lived in an Utopian society I think my assignment would be Instructor because I love teaching and kids (that are younger then me)! I have always loved school and respected my teachers. They really do have a tough job dealing with us. I have always wanted to do what my teachers are doing. When I was seven I used to play school with my neighbors and I was always the teacher. So I think that I would enjoy being an Instructor.

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My Giver Assignment by Kayla B

I think my assignment in The Giver would be a Nurturer. I think so because ever since I was young I have loved taking care of babies. When my little cousin was born I was seven years old and I loved playing with him and helping take care of him. I have also recently had a chance to take care of my baby sister. She is growing so fast and she is adorable. These are the reasons why I think my assignment would be a Nurturer.

Giver Assignment by Christy

In class we are reading The Giver, a book about a utopian society. At age Twelve, every child is given an Assignment. But before that, there are rules – though adults have to follow those too. Bike rules are sometimes broken, however. Also, there is a Receiver. The Receiver decides about the laws. If I had to be assigned an Assignment, I would want to be a Nurturer – someone who takes care of those that are not yet Ones (babies). The reason is I love animals – especially caring for them. Since there are no animals in the Giver, I would settle for babies, which are the next best thing. I love caring for animals, so I would love caring for babies. Also, I would want to help them grow to be good people.