My Assignment By Katie C.

Photo drawn by Katie.

In Language Arts we are reading the book The Giver, and at age twelve the kids are given an Assignment. I think my Assignment would be nurturer. A nurturer is a person who cares for he newborn babies until they are given to the families. I think I would be a nurturer because I love kids and babies. I think it will be fun to care for babies. That is what I think my Assignment would be.

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The Giver! By: Forbes C

If I lived in the utopian world I would be a Nurturer. The reason why I would do this is because I LOVE BABIES!!!!! The best part of being a Nurturer is that you would get to spend time with a newborn baby everyday! Surprisingly I know how to change their diapers, calm them down, put them to bed, feed them, cloth them, play with them, and soo many more! I personally think being a Nurturer would be such a great job to have!

The Giver Assignment by: Audrey M!

If I were in the an utopia, I would like to be a Nurturer because I would love to see the shining faces of new born babies every day! They are just so adorable! I would be cut out for this job because I am very good at comforting kids and playing with them! I think this would be oodles of fun because it’s like having tons and tons of children! I think that the worst part would be watching them go, but I would be cool to see how they turned out when older and what name they get! I would love to be a nurturer because I love BABIES!!!