Memory to Give! BY: AUDREY M

Snow. That was the first memory that Jonas received after becoming the Receiver of Memory. Personally, I think that couldn’t be any more boring, although snow is an interesting thing, I would start with THE BEST, THE BOLDEST, A ROLLER COASTER!!! Now, let’s not lie, we all know what you’re really thinking, you’re trying to be mature, to start with the simple, but EVERYBODY likes roller coasters, EVERYBODY, and to think that he hasn’t ever even heard of one, well, that’s just inhumane.

The Giver Assignment by: Audrey M!

If I were in the an utopia, I would like to be a Nurturer because I would love to see the shining faces of new born babies every day! They are just so adorable! I would be cut out for this job because I am very good at comforting kids and playing with them! I think this would be oodles of fun because it’s like having tons and tons of children! I think that the worst part would be watching them go, but I would be cool to see how they turned out when older and what name they get! I would love to be a nurturer because I love BABIES!!!

Hoops for Heart – Audrey M.

Hoops for Heart is a day when all of our grade comes together to play basketball and earn money for kids with heart disorders. In elementary, we did Jump Rope for Heart. I think these are really sweet because it’s like “Kids helping Kids.” My group this year consists of 4 of my really close friends and me! The point of the game is to make as many points in 1 minute. It’s normally called Hotshot. A lay-up counts as 1 point. A jump shot about 4 feet away from the basket, is 2 points. The wing shot over by the side, is 3 points. You could get 4 points by shooting an elbow, which is parallel to the free throw line. To top it all off, a 3-pointer is 5 points! Most every kid participating in this activity averages about $50, as a donation. Schools all around the nation take part in Hoops for Heart so, every penny counts, it actually makes a difference in someone’s life.


"Heart with a basketball"

Ipads or Laptops? – By: Audrey M

The difference between Ipads and laptops are like the difference between night and day. Sure they are both cool and expensive, have internet and games, but one is big and heavy (laptop) and one is slick and small (ipad). Personally, I prefer the ipad, but my class did not get the chance to use them. I have one at home so, I know know to work it. My class had the  laptops and I thought they were slightly too large to take to every class and when we had a question, they took SOO long to turn on, go onto safari, and then search it, with and Ipad, you just hit a couple buttons and BAM!! There’s your anwser. Another thing about the MacBooks were that they take up so much space next to our desks, at our school, we have big tables and two chairs in some classes and you have to smush your books in between them, in other classes we have single desks, right next to each other and our books are even smushier.

The apple Symbol

From FlickrCC

Favorite Games! By: Audrey M

I love to play games with my family. Some of the ones we play are Pay Day, Clue, Apples to Apples, Jenga, Mario Kart, Scrabble, and Monopoly. My personal favorite is Scattegories. We always pair up. I go with my big brother. My younger-older brother goes with my mommy and my daddy rides solo. This is fun because it tests our skills and it doesn’t matter the age of smarts because everyone can come up with 4-letter words that start with D, or a girls name that starts with T. This is what I love about family game nights.

If I Were An Adult For A Day! – Audrey M.

When I am an adult, I am going to graduate Stanford where I played college soccer and basketball. I will have a veterinarians degree. Soon, I will marry my boyfriend. He is going to be a professional sports player. We will live together in Chicago. I am planning on having 4 kids. Two boys and two girls. Their names…TBD.Our family cars will consist of a red bugatti with a diamond encrusted steering wheel and license plate, a big white one with 7 seats, and a silver jeep. My vet clinic will only tend to domestic and non-reptile animals. This is my dream life!!



We Created It 2011 By: Audrey M.

In 2011 there were countless tragedies and victories but the ones that stick with me are the death of Steve Jobs, the Royal Wedding, Osama Bin Laden, and Japan’s tsunami. All of these things make up the year of 2011, the ups and downs, the good and bad, all of it.

Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 and died on October 5, 2011. As many of you know, Steve Jobs was the co-founder of Apple. He created many great technologies that will always be a part of us and will live on forever.

The Royal Wedding, the marriage of Catherine Middleton(Kate Middleton) and Prince William the Duke of Cambridge.  A vast majority of people in the United States stayed up until 2am to the watch it live on TV.

Osama Bin Laden was the leader of Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda was the very best of the Islamist terrorists. They were the ones who flew planes into the Twin Towers and started a fire on September 11, 2001.

Japan was bombarded with a tsunami and an earthquake. 15,839 have died, 5,950 were injured, and 3,642 are still missing in the tsunami and approximately 1oo,100 died in the earthquake. This was a worldwide disaster but Japan’s women’s soccer team took home the World Cup and brought back respect for their country.

This is why the year 2011 means so much to me. In 2012, I hope for a disaster-free year.


Photo Credits to: Audrey M.2011

I Am Thankful For – By: Audrey M

I am thankful for my mother who loves and cares for me. I am thankful for my father who protects me and provides me with a home and food. I am thankful for my 2 brothers who play with me and help me with my homework. I am thankful for the house I live in and the food I eat. I am thankful for my 2 kitties who make me feel wanted and needed when I am feeling depressed. I am thankful for all of my relatives who help me get through tough times. I am thankful for ALL of my friends who give me advice and love. I am thankful for my education at Durham Academy. I am thankful for my teammates and coaches. I am thankful for the wonderful teachers that teach me. I am thankful for many things that complete who I am.


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Reflection on Laptop Pilot Program by Audrey

This year we were given the luxury of having laptops to take home and back to school and to all of our classes. I enjoy having them at home to keep easy access to Moodle, Google docs, Quizlet, etc. It is a little annoying to bring them to class and sit them next to you when they are never used but I manage. If I could change one thing it would be the cases in which the laptops are secured. I do realize that these cases are not permanent and that they are very strong and trusting. This program will help me overall because I can go on Moodle, Google docs,etc.  —–picture from flickr creative commons!