If I Were An Adult For A Day! – Audrey M.

When I am an adult, I am going to graduate Stanford where I played college soccer and basketball. I will have a veterinarians degree. Soon, I will marry my boyfriend. He is going to be a professional sports player. We will live together in Chicago. I am planning on having 4 kids. Two boys and two girls. Their names…TBD.Our family cars will consist of a red bugatti with a diamond encrusted steering wheel and license plate, a big white one with 7 seats, and a silver jeep. My vet clinic will only tend to domestic and non-reptile animals. This is my dream life!!


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5 thoughts on “If I Were An Adult For A Day! – Audrey M.

  1. Those seem like really cool cars and I like how you went into a lot of detail about what they look like. I definitely agree with you about the reptiles!


  2. I love how you described how you wanted your life to be and also described how you want your cars to look like.

  3. I am planning on living in more of an urban type city. Maybe on the outskirts of chicago, or new york for easy SHOPPING!! Also a calm life. I will most certainly take doggies!!

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