The Giver By: Isha

In L.A we are reading The Giver. After reading chapters 2,3 and 4 our teacher asked us what we thought our assignment would be. If I lived in an Utopian society I think my assignment would be Instructor because I love teaching and kids (that are younger then me)! I have always loved school and respected my teachers. They really do have a tough job dealing with us. I have always wanted to do what my teachers are doing. When I was seven I used to play school with my neighbors and I was always the teacher. So I think that I would enjoy being an Instructor.

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2 thoughts on “The Giver By: Isha

  1. I agree. I think you would be a good teacher too. You are hard working and that quality would really help if you were a teacher.

  2. As many say, I am interested in your choice of Assignment as an Instructor. What I find quite interesting is that the Instructor for threes hit the children with the poles when they make grammatical errors. We still do that when we are adults. I sure hope that you don’t become an instructor for threes though…

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