Brain by Keenan W


In Language Arts class, we made pictures of our brain. Inside we put things that we thought would be inside of our brain. Examples of things that are in my brain are school and sports. In our brain, we could put things about our sixth grade year. Inside of mine are things like vocabulary words and languages that I learned. I think that most of the things that are in my brain are things that are important to me and things that happened to me in 6th grade. Also on my brain is my Life List that we made in Language Arts in the middle of the year. These are things that we want to do in our lifetime. I think that this project was a great way to end the year because it helped us reflect on our year in sixth grade.

iPads in 6th Grade by Keenan W

Having an iPad in 6th grade has bean very helpful. I have used it in so many classes. For example, in Language Arts class, we use our iPad to learn vocabulary, write blog posts, do projects, and lots more. In Spanish, we use the iPads to learn new vocabulary and do worksheets. In all of our classes, we use iPads to write down our homework. Teachers also write what our homework is on Evernote. It is also so much easier to use our iPads in class than to have to go to the computer lab when we want to go online. My 6th grade experience would have been a lot different if we didn’t have iPads.


Membean by Keenan W

Membean is an online vocabulary site that my Language Arts class has been using for most of the year. On Membean, you receive different vocabulary words that you have to learn. Membean has been a very good way for me to learn new vocabulary. If I see one of my Membean words in a book I am reading, I know what it means.I like how Membean makes you restudy a word if you get a question wrong, because if you get the question wrong it means that you don’t know the word.

Sometime in the middle of the year, our class wrote the developer of Membean telling him things that we like and don’t like about Membean. He wrote back to every single one of us. It was really cool because he told some of us that they were working on some of the things that we wrote about. I would recommend Membean to anybody who is interested in expanding their vocabulary because Membean is a great way to do that.


Memory I Would Give Away by Keenan

I the Language Arts class we are reading a book called The Giver. The first memory that the Giver gave to Jonas was the memory of riding on a sled. The first memory that I would give away is the memory of the beach. On the beach you can surf and build things like sand castles. This would be a good memory to give away first because the would give the Receiver the memory of fun. Fun is one of the most important memories.


Ideal Teacher by Keenan W


In language arts we are reading The Giver. In this book, they have an ideal society. If there was an ideal teacher, they would be very fun and help the students. If all the students did well on a homework or quiz, the students would get extra recess. The teacher would not give many quizzes, but when they did they would make them easy and tell the students about it two weeks in advance. The teacher would also play a lot of games in class to make learning more fun for the students. The teacher wouldn’t have many required books for their class, because students don’t like carrying a lot of books. These are examples of what an ideal teacher would do.


Community Service by Keenan W

For community service, my advisory went to a retirement home called Spring Harbor. It was really fun to talk to the people there and listen to the things they did there and the things they liked to do as a kid. One activity we did with them was painting a flower pot. After we painted it, we put flowers in that our advisor brought. They got to keep the flower pot and the flowers. Another thing that happened while we were there was the therapy dog came. It was really cool because the therapy dog could do a lot of cool tricks. I think it was really fun to hang out with the people at the retirement home, because they were really nice and listened to everything we said. It was a great experience.


The Giver Assignment by Keenan W

In language arts class, we are reading a book called The Giver. In this book, each person in the community is given an assignment at the ceremony of Twelve. An assignment is like a job. If I got an assignment at the ceremony of Twelve, I think that it would be an Engineer. I really like to design things and I would enjoy designing buildings and other things and then seeing what they look like when they are finished. This would probably be the best job for me if I lived in this community.


The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin By Keenan

The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin is a mystery book that we read in language arts class. It was a very interesting book about a murder and groups of people who tried to find out who did it. It has a very shocking ending, and I recommend this book to everyone. I really enjoyed this book because it had lots of clues and you as the reader are trying to figure out the answer just like the characters in the book are.

While we read the book in Language Arts, we used an app called Trading Cards to write down notes and facts about the characters in the book. This app really helped me understand the book better and helped me study for the test we had after we read the book. The Westing Game was something I really enjoyed reading and writing about in Language Arts.

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Hero Project by Keenan W

Photo taken by Mrs. Donnelly

The hero project was one of my favorite things in 6th grade. I really enjoyed writing about my hero, my dad, and also creating the hero book. The hero books are kind of 3d, because they have a part of the book that pops out. After we created the shape of the book, we put a scene of our hero into the book. We then put our typed hero story onto the sides of the book. After we put everything in the book, the books were pressed and put into the Frank Gallery. I really enjoyed seeing all of the books payed out in the gallery because I could see how hard everybody worked on these books. All of the finished books looked really good when they were displayed!

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How To Talk To Your Teen by Keenan W.









final destination


In the book Cosmic, Liam is reading the book How To Talk To Your Teen to get parenting advice. Here is something I would would add to the book.

You need to be strict about your teen’s curfew. If you don’t set a curfew, they will believe that they can stay up as long as the want, so they will not get sleep. If they argue with you about the curfew, then you can take something away from them.You can let them stay up longer on a weekend or holiday, but on a school night they need to go to bed at about the same time every night. If you want to do this, you will have to have some sort of schedule. For example, you want to eat dinner at about the same time every night so they can get to bed earlier. Also, don’t set the curfew too late, because than there is almost no point in making one. If your teen doesn’t get sleep, they might start doing worse in school or not pay attention like they are supposed to. Now you are an expert on how to set a curfew for you teen and why you should set one.

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