Hero Project by Keenan W

Photo taken by Mrs. Donnelly

The hero project was one of my favorite things in 6th grade. I really enjoyed writing about my hero, my dad, and also creating the hero book. The hero books are kind of 3d, because they have a part of the book that pops out. After we created the shape of the book, we put a scene of our hero into the book. We then put our typed hero story onto the sides of the book. After we put everything in the book, the books were pressed and put into the Frank Gallery. I really enjoyed seeing all of the books payed out in the gallery because I could see how hard everybody worked on these books. All of the finished books looked really good when they were displayed!

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4 thoughts on “Hero Project by Keenan W

  1. I also enjoyed going to the gallery and seeing all the books in finally condition! Good post.

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