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In language arts we are reading The Giver. At age twelve kids in The Giver get their job assignments. If I were to be assigned a job I would like it to be a baker. This is because in my free time I enjoy baking new things and sharing them with my family. I love seeing their faces when they try the baked goods I make. I would like to be known for my baking just like my mom is known for her cheese! I enjoy baking very much because it is like a puzzle. It is like a puzzle because you are putting all the ingredients together like puzzle pieces. Also, my family says I’m a sweet tooth! It makes sense that I love to bake because I am a picky eater and don’t like certain things that are in many main courses. For example, I won’t eat anything with onions in it! Baking inspires me to try new foods and be creative with the process. I would definitely hope baking would be my assigned job in the community!

5 thoughts on “Job Assignment by Anna W.

  1. Make me some brownies, cakes, cupcakes, lemon pound cake, macaroons, cookies, chocolate scones, baguettes, and the thing in your picture!

  2. The buckeyes in your picture! You would be a great baker as long as you didn’t put CHEESE instead of peanut butter in the buckeyes like you did to me.

  3. Thanks!!😝😝 @19jennyd @19kira. That was just for April fools, the rest were with peanut butter ones! @19julia

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