Job Assignment by Anna W.






Photo by Anna

In language arts we are reading The Giver. At age twelve kids in The Giver get their job assignments. If I were to be assigned a job I would like it to be a baker. This is because in my free time I enjoy baking new things and sharing them with my family. I love seeing their faces when they try the baked goods I make. I would like to be known for my baking just like my mom is known for her cheese! I enjoy baking very much because it is like a puzzle. It is like a puzzle because you are putting all the ingredients together like puzzle pieces. Also, my family says I’m a sweet tooth! It makes sense that I love to bake because I am a picky eater and don’t like certain things that are in many main courses. For example, I won’t eat anything with onions in it! Baking inspires me to try new foods and be creative with the process. I would definitely hope baking would be my assigned job in the community!