My Brain by: Sam G.


In Language Arts we drew our version of our own brain. There were lots of creative brain drawings. In most of the brain drawings there were some short blurbs about highlights in 6th Grade. It was really fun drawing my brain in class because no one can critique you on what your brain looks like. In the end it came out pretty awesome. Take a look!


Experiencing an iPad by Sam G.

This is totally awesome that students at Durham Academy get iPads this year! We are the first Durham Academy middle school students to have iPads for this year. For Spanish we use the mobile version of Google Translate and for browsers we have Safari, Google, and Google Chrome. We also have: Reminders, Evernote, Calendar, Mail, Keynote, Blogsy, Kindle App, Nook App, Pages, Google Drive, Comic Life, Google Drive MindMeister. These are the apps I use the most every day.


Membean By: Sam G.

For a whole school year of Language Arts in the 6th Grade we have been using an academic sight known as Membean. The esteemed creators of this sight are both intelligent and are great software designers. Membean helps you learn vocabulary for life. Words like depict, deplorable, and jubilant are just a small taste of what Membean has in store for you. So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer and go to Google or Google Chrome and type Membean and create an account. Then start leaning, and the more correct answers you get the higher level and harder words you receive.


What I Would Give Away If I Were The Giver By:Sam G.

Photo From: Flickr Storm

Currently in the class of Language Arts at Durham Academy in the 6th Grade we are reading The Giver. This gifted man can give away memories to anyone and if I were him I would give away the memory of laughing. I would do this because I laugh a lot every day and it is a great memory to, yes, even give away.


Community Service By: Sam G.






A few days ago all 6th Grade students and advisors went to to serve our community of North Carolina. My Advisory went to a place in Carboro called TABLE. TABLE is a place where people all over the world bring in food for kids in Carboro schools that don’t have enough food to eat over the weekend.

TABLE has a great staff and they explained everything to our advisory when we went inside. First, we weighed the food and did a lot of math in doing so, then we checked the expiration dates on the items and put food that was not expired in one pile and expired in the other pile. Then we put all the foods onto a yellow cart and put the foods into bins by the shelves. The total amount of food weighed was 260.5 pounds! My experience was a great one knowing that I am helping people by bringing in food and organizing it, but the best part was doing it with staff and my good friends.


If I Were A Grown Up For A Day I Would By: Sam

Photo taken from flickrstorm.

First I would go to Bojangles’ and get breakfast. Then I would bring some breakfast back for my family. Then all of us would go to King’s Dominion and ride roller coasters and water slides. On our way to Kings Dominion I would tell my kids the ultra dare.

I told them on my first roller coaster here I was the loudest screamer on the Dominator. But then one of my friends dared me not to scream on any more of the rides and I did. The second roller coaster I went on those many years ago. It is called the Shock Wave that was the first part of the challenge it was a stand-up roller coaster.

Other memories being favorites are the Volcano, water rides, and the epic Intimidator. We would all have chunk food and give the kids all the candy they could eat and the rest we would all take home. Then we would het some souvenirs that would read maybe something like this:”I rode the Intimidator”. We would have a blast!

Afterwards I would go home watch a movie on demand and eat popcorn then a quick shower and brushing of the teeth before going to bed.

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Book Recommendation Eagle Strike By:Sam

Photo by Sam

Our main character in this story is young teen named Alex Rider, a spy who is the MI6’s secret weapon. Nobody would expect a fifteen year-old boy to work for such a successful company in spy technology and work. Alex was taught Karate when he was 6 years old by his deceased uncle who used to work for MI6. This book is the fourth book of the 9 books in the series.

This book is by an author by the name of Antony Horowitz. Besides the Alex Rider series he has written: The Falcon’s Malteser, Public Enemy Number Two, Three of Diamonds, and South by Southeast. On each of his books he has:”The New York Times best seller” and that saying is well deserved.

In this book Alex is on vacation with his friend Sabina at the beach. It is about three o’clock and the sun beats down on their bare backs. Alex gets out of the water and walks over to Sabina tanning in the sun. They begin to talk about how good the vacation is and what they should do next.

All of the sudden a ship comes into the harbor. Alex recognizes the ship. It is a one enemy and criminal of M16. I leave you here audience. If you read Eagle Strike you will find out if Alex’s vacation is totally ruined and he will have to run away or  if he will stay and capture the brute.

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